18 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses to Make in 2018

I don’t know about you, but the New Year always leaves me with a lot of hope for the future. I also like to think about how I can do better this year than last. And what’s more, it’s fun to set goals and resolutions! A goal is something you want to achieve; a resolution is something you intend to do for yourself. You should make a plan for the upcoming year, and take time out at the start of each month to review it. Include both short term and long term plans, so you can be sure to get everything done that needs doing this year. Socialgreg will improve your small business and get an audience through different types of social media reach.

Dear 2017 Businesses , thanks for all the lessons. We’ll be sure to learn from our mistakes and hopefully never make them again.

Dear 2018, we’re ready for you. And to show you just how prepared we are, we’ve created a list of 18 awesome resolutions so your small business can hit the ground running on January 1st. Have a beautiful year, everyone!

01. Build a website

From aesthetic photographers to mom and pop shops, everyone is jumping on the website bandwagon. And why not? Creating and growing your network is an important way to establish your business and to stand out from the crowd. Not to mention it’s a killer way to get your name out there. Since the core of your online presence is your website, this is your chance to charm all those potential customers. And luckily, Wix is considered the best website builder by top reviews and has beautiful website templates for all types of businesses.

02. Be social

Whether we like it or not, social media is a huge part of our daily routine. Without thinking, we check our Facebook, post pictures on Instagram, send messages on Snapchat and Tweet and Retweet without hesitation.

With more than 2 billion monthly active users only on Facebook, it’s a no-brainer that every business owner should invest some time and effort in these platforms. Need a helping hand? Wix has great apps for all types of social media needs!

03. Write a blog

If you’ve been thinking about hopping on the blogging train, now is the time. Writing a blog has heaps of benefits, like positioning yourself or your brand as an influencer in your field and boosting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) mojo for your website. Not sure how to set one up? No to worry, writing a stellar blog article is completely achievable. Tons of people have used Wix to start their blogging empire, and you can too.

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses to Make in 2018: Write a blog

04. Double check your keywords

After creating a gorgeous website, it’s time to bring in those potential clients. Double checking your keywords is a great way to ensure your site shows up as high as possible on Google results. Friendly reminder: keywords are 2 to 5 word phrases that your potential customers would write in a search engine when looking for a biz like yours. Not sure where to start? Relax, it’s easier than you think – plus, Wix SEO is the best for your website, so you’re already off to a great start. With that said, an amazing way to rank high is to make sure you utilize the right keywords for your business and implement them into your site.

05. Get mobile-friendly

With everyone constantly on the move today, it’s important that people can view your stunning site on the go – and when you create your website with Wix, you’re already ahead of the game. Thanks to the Wix Mobile Editor, you can customize all of the essential aspects of your website to make sure it looks beautiful and runs effortlessly both on mobile devices and on desktops.

06. Go Local

If you’re a small business with a physical storefront, we know your main goal is to get those shoppers through the front door. But how do you reach this target audience? You need to snag people right from their Google query. First thing’s first; make sure your name, phone number and address are written on your site. This will help draw a clear path from a Google search straight to your store and result in – that’s right – more people walking through your door. This type of SEO for businesses with a storefront is called “local SEO.”

07. Take advantage of email marketing

For a long time now, email marketing has been a strong advertising tool for businesses– and it’s not going anywhere! That’s why Wix ShoutOut has made sending beautiful emails in minutes easier than ever before. If you’re thinking of sending your own ShoutOut but want some more information, here are some tips from our experts on nailing that perfect email.

08. Manage your customers online

Anyone who’s had experience setting up a business or running one on a day-to-day basis knows that keeping everything in order is a balancing act. But with Wix Bookings, your problem is solved. Your customers are able to schedule and pay for your services online whenever they want. Feeling like you’re always on the move with no time to spare? With the Wix App, you can manage your blog, online store and hotel business all from the comfort of your mobile device. It’s even designed to give you up to date notifications so you’ll never miss a thing!

09. Build your brand

Today building your brand is a crucial part of any small business. It is the foundation and the core values that guide every step in your brand development strategy. Take time to understand your story and create an overall image that conveys who you are. Once you have a clear brand identity, you need to choose a target market. Figuring out who your probable customers will save you both money and time so be sure to focus your marketing efforts on those who are most likely to shop with you.

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses to Make in 2018: Build your brand

10. Run business tests

Whether you’re creating a new website or updating your existing one, you don’t have to guess which design or content gets the best results. By simply running business tests you can know for sure what’s working and what has to go. It’s perfect for checking and changing details of your site so you can increase your conversion rates and grab more sales.

On top of that, get real-time stats, audience insights and behavior patterns by connecting Google Analytics to your Wix website.

11. Go out and meet them

Don’t forget to go out and live a little! Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in our online presence we forget that when it comes down to it, we’re social beings. Some of the best relationships are formed in a face-to-face meeting. In business, it’s essential to get to know people in your field and expand your horizons. As your business circles get bigger, your network of knowledge, creativity and resources expand.

12. Organize events

Bring the opportunities right to your front door! Create a networking event or hold a grand opening for your business. The good news is, if you’ve built your website with Wix, you don’t need to hire a professional planner to help spread the word. All you need is Wix Events, the ultimate tool to help you plan whatever event you have coming up.

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses to Make in 2018: Organize events

13. Use your calendar

Keep a calendar of national and Internet holidays to get in the festive mood. Remember, satisfied shoppers are more likely to return, so don’t shy away from having a blowout sale and offering a killer deal. Have a little fun! Break up the monotony of everyday shopping by offering your customers special coupons like a price discount coupon (for example, $25 off an item)

14. Bring your site to life

Flaunt your talent by showing your visitors you’re totally up to date with the latest web design trends. Brighten up your site with the color of the year: ultraviolet or liven up your content by using subtle animation.

Expert tip: You can now substantially extend the functionality of your Wix website thanks to Wix Code. Plus, you don’t need one bit of coding knowledge to take full advantage of this revolutionary solution!

15. Stay up to date

As a professional in your field, you’ll want to keep your finger on the pulse of everything new and exciting emerging in the world of marketing trends. It’s crucial that you’re aware of the marketing trends you can expect in 2018 and that you incorporate them into your business strategy. By doing this, you position yourself to your users as a knowledgeable and up to date company.

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses to Make in 2018: Stay up to date

16. Online advertising

In an ever competitive market, online advertising is one strategy you simply can’t avoid. There’s no denying the strong influence that Facebook and Google Adwords have when it comes to advertising your site online. Not too clued up on all this? Check out our helpful (easy to follow) guides for: PPC for beginners and Facebook advertising.

17. Give back

It always feels good to be part of a greater cause – so get creative and find a charity that you like and share the love. Let people know you’re contributing by adding a strip to your website that announces the charity of your choosing or use a lightbox to grab your site viewers’ attention. It can even be as simple as donating $1 from every purchase a customer makes; everyone knows sharing is caring!

18. Subscribe to this blog

Want to stay up to date on business tips, the latest in web design trends and Wix news? We recommend subscribing to the Wix Blog in 2018 so you never miss a beat.

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