4 Mobile Accessories for A Seamless Usage

With the change in the technology, the phones are upgrading too. From small keypad phones to big touch screens, phones these days turned out to be our mini laptop. To make the most out of your phones, there are some essential gadgets that’ll make your experience smooth and seamless. With approximately 4 million phones sold per day across the globe, phone accessories are sold out more than that. Some accessories are compatible with the same brand’s products and some of them can be accessed across devices. From shockproof phone cases to scratch free gorilla screen protector and other tech accessories; they are important must-haves.

When it comes to ordering, we all get the feeling to buy everything, because well- it’s appealing. To get over the dilemma of what to buy, we listed 4 most essential accessories for your smartphone.

Cell Phone Running Armband

For those who like going on a run for fresh air, it is dangerous to put your phone in your pants pocket. For that Cell Phone Running Armband comes in handy. Not only is it compatible with all phone types, it works as a wallet as well. With pockets and card slots, you can store much more in this armband, than just your phone. Ultra durable design you can rotate this from 180 to 360 degrees, just as you like it. Breathable and skin friendly, this armband won’t hurt you with its elastic stretch. Run freely with freedom by adding Cell Phone Running Armband to your cart from Amazon coupon code.

Pro Lens Kit

Who doesn’t like to take professional pictures, with pro lens kit you can fulfill your wish with just your phone. Compatible with all smartphones, you can use it to capture the beauty in front of you. If you want to upgrade your picture qualities, then this easy to use kit is just for you. Take pictures in the dark with its rechargeable glow clip which works as a perfect fill light. To save up your lenses from scratches, hard lanyard travel case protects it very well.

Nexode 6-in-1 Charger Station

Charging your devices can be a hassle if you don’t have multiple plugs or they aren’t compatible with your charging pin. To save you from losing your work progress, Nexode 6-in-1 Charging Station is here. With 6 charging ports it charges for over 9 different devices at the same time. You can charge your 2 MacBook, your phone, MagSafe, Airpods etc., simultaneously and quickly. With a smaller body-size Nexode is easily portable; stay worry-free for finding the right charging port.

3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

Go wireless, with this 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand. 100% efficient, it charges literally anything you want. Charge your watch, Airpods, phone simultaneously; this charging station won’t make you wait much. Magnetic, this charging station won’t let your device fall off even if slightly touched by mistake. What is more amazing is that it is compatible to all devices that are commonly used around the world. You can even fold it into a triangle; it won’t slip even if shaken vigorously. It even protects the gadgets from over-current and over and under voltage and controls temperature of the devices.

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