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5 advantages of having an authentic Instagram profile for your business

Verified Instagram account is one which has been validated by Instagram as being authentic of the brand it claims to represent. A verified profile will display get a badge that is verified and a blue verification badge. Verifying your account on Instagram is not a trivial matter and only the most popular accounts that have many Instagram followers in addition to Instagram likes that are able to be verified. These verification marks indicate authenticity, and a guarantee that the account is owned by the organization it claims to be associated with. Instagram verifies is available to users who are so popular on Instagram that it’s highly likely that they have copied fake accounts. Verification is something that the majority of businesses look for, but what is the reason for this?

5 advantages of businesses with an official Instagram account

Improve credibility

Instagram offers verification to just one percent of its users. However, having an account for business verified could be a significant factor in boosting the credibility of your brand. Because they’re only available to a tiny fraction of accounts If your account for business is tagged with the blue tick, it can signal that your company’s image is important. In addition, there are many Instagram users are worried that business accounts are fraudulent and will be fooled. The problem can be solved when Instagram validates you as genuine. In the wake of Instagram confirmation, your company’s credibility will increase as a lot of the users who are skeptical are able to overcome their doubts and believe that the account is as reliable. Verification of your Instagram account could thus be a massive boost to your company’s marketing strategy and its subsequent rate of success.

Enhances visibility of your brand

It is possible to increase the number of people visiting your account by having an account that is verified. When users search for a account on Instagram verified accounts will be the first ones to appear. In any marketing campaign for a business the first thing to do is to be noticed by the user and If your profile is verified it’s likely that it will reach your intended target audience easily.

Enhance collaboration between businesses

In addition, Instagram verification improve awareness among users, but also with other companies. Blue ticks can boost your standing in the world of business because it makes your brand more visible to potential partners. The blue ticks that verify your business can make a business appear an industry leader. This could lead to the creation of collaboration together with influencers.

Algorithms favor posts that are verified

If your account for business has been verified, and your account on Instagram has been verified by Instagram, this will bring greater engagement and reach because algorithms favor verified accounts over those that are not. This means that your post will reach an even larger number of people when the account you are using is authentic compared to the case if it’s not. If a wider audience has seen your message, it is an increased chance that your pictures or video will be shared and liked also. Brand recognition is the goal of every company, and through Instagram confirmation, this goal is possible.

Verification provides faster access to special and new features

When new features are announced on Instagram the platform, are available to users who have verified accounts. This could help in the monetization of the account. The swipe-up tool Instagram recently launched is available only to those who have minimum 10,000 followers. However, this restriction is not applicable to verified profiles. They have access to the features at no cost.

How can I verify my account?

The criteria to be clear enough to qualify for verification on Instagram include those that are: authenticity, originality as well as being recognized and complete. If your company and your Instagram profile satisfy these criteria it is necessary to open the option to request verification in the settings, and then enter your name and a proof of identity on this page. Once Instagram has evaluated all requests, you’ll be informed if your request is approved.

Verification on Instagram is an extremely beneficial tool for companies that are running an online marketing campaign because it will assist in increasing the credibility of your brand and recognition. Although only a handful of accounts have this option however, if you do achieve verification by Instagram this could be an enormous benefit to your campaign and help you stand out from your competition. If you believe your account for business meets the requirements, make sure to ask verification. If it is approved, it will aid in the marketing campaign.

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