6 Fancy Abayas to Wear to a Wedding

Wedding season is right around the corner and the yearning to adorn yourself with the right embellishments and ensembles is skyrocketed. Some women’s only concern is to dress modestly without compromising on the trends and styles as well. Looking for stylish wear while taking care of your religious affairs is important for some women. However, one of the main problems that we often face while shopping for an abaya is looking for a stylish and trendy kaftan abaya. The best place to look for these stylish abayas is the Black Camels. Wedding season is all about getting the right things at the right time and kaftan abayas are the best form of modest clothing that can make you look both modest and stylish.

We all know how wedding seasons required a whole different revamp of the closet and women look for the extra-ordinary abayas for the events. Black Camels’ extensive collection has everything you want, from fancy wedding event abayas to casual wearing abayas, you will get everything here. You can style up yourself with the various color combinations and dress to impress the whole gathering without putting in the extra effort. With the extraordinary cuts in the abaya, you can slay the whole occasion.

Are you still confused about whether you should be going for the abayas for a wedding? Or would it be too modest and simple for a WEDDING event? Well, you are mistaken here, you can flaunt in any dress you want to, provided you should be at least confident in it. Your self-confidence plays a huge role in it, nevertheless, let us tell you a list of abayas that you can wear to the wedding.

1) Embroidered Abaya with Lace

No woman should ever compromise over fashion in order to accommodate their modesty and religious beliefs. Muslim women look for something fashion worthy and innovative at the formal events and parties without feeling underdressed while wearing the abaya. The black embroidered abaya with lace on it is the perfect fit for the formal meetings where you have to appear all professional and overdoing anything would just get you in more mess.

These abayas are made of net fabric and chiffon with a modest neckline and it has a fabric waist belt that highlights the overall waist pretty elegantly. With the embroidery on the abaya, you can have a pretty fashionable look that you can carry comfortably. This abaya is all about comfort and style.

2) Purple Color Abayas

Gone are the days when women used to wear black abayas only, there is always this one color in our head when we talk about abaya and that is black color. If you are looking to get a regal look and want to appear royal a purple-colored abaya would do a pretty good job. Colors like Plum, Purple, and Lavender are quite in fashion these days and are very graceful colors.

You can get designer abayas that are often loose-fitted and falls directly to the ground. When you add some details to it and the laser cuts, the overall look of the abaya come off perfectly well. Further, you can add some brooches to it and an exquisite-colored scarf to make a whole fashion statement.

3) Lace Abayas

We know you cannot wear that simple black abaya of yours to the wedding, you want something that can up your whole abaya look and with the right kind of lace, you can that job just fine. You can see various elaborations of laces on the abaya, with the fashion realm you can also see this look. It gives you that flawless look particularly if your abaya is more lace designed which is undoubtedly more attractive.

You can go with this abaya design if you are looking for a more dazzling look. Get a matching-colored hijab or a contrasting-colored hijab to complete your whole appearance. You can explore the huge range of the abayas that the Black Camels are offering. Which includes the designer abayas, lace abayas, and also many other forms of it.

4) Floral Abayas

If you are a fashion enthusiast you would know how crazy people are for floral abayas. Everything with flowers just looks so much better and more attractive. You would just instantly like it if you see any flower print on anything. These abayas are perfect for small events, the casual events where you meet your friends for lunches and dinners. When you add further variants to it such as nada, net, and chiffon the abaya looks more beautiful. If you are a working woman or a student, floral abayas can be your best bet.

5) Kaftan Abayas

For events like weddings and other big corporate events, there is no better fancy abaya than a kaftan. It is one of the best forms of abayas that make the whole look beautiful. Even if you wear it without any hijab or scarf you would not look anything off. In fact, it gives you both a modern and modest look. However, for some religious reasons you want a hijab or scarf even then your whole look would be complete and extraordinary.

History says the Kaftan Abaya is one of the types of abayas that came in Ancient Mesopotamia. In the current times, the design of the abaya is considered to be one of the most fashionable looks for the women. As you would see women embellishing them in the most different ways. Kaftan is one modern term that is used for the loose-fitting tunic or the robe. This kind of abaya has full sleeves with narrow cutes and a flowy gown and a fine deep neck with the inner garment would just complete the whole look.

6) Baroque Embellished Abaya

Embroidered and embellished abayas are the kind of abayas that are perfect for the wedding season. These abayas give a cute glamourous look for different occasions. But if you are looking for something fancy to wear for wedding then there is no better abaya than Baroque embellished abayas. With some decorated jackets and hijab, you can slay the whole event and delivery your overall look flawlessly. If you are styling this for winter, go with the Haroom, and Minal Velvet.

Wrapping up!

Getting a fancy abaya for weddings is not a problem anymore. Head over to the Black Camels online website and order your embellished abaya right away!

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