A Quick Guide to Finding Your Perfect Crop Top Sweater 

If you spend any time outside, you’re probably going to need a good jacket. And what better way to keep warm than with a cute snuggle-worthy sweater? With the fitting crop top sweater, we mean. There is nothing more awkward than struggling to find your perfect crop top sweater when you know there’s one. It can feel like every other person in the universe has already found theirs. So how do you find your perfect pair of crop top sweaters? Check out our quick guide to help! 

What is a crop top sweater? 

Whether you’re looking for something to wear with leggings or pair with your favorite jeans, a crop top sweater is excellent. The word “crop” here refers to the fact that it’s cut very high off the waist.  

This ensures that you get a ton of coverage with the look, but with a flattering and sexy silhouette. You’ll usually find crop top sweaters in solid colors, like black, grey, white, and nude, but there are also patterned styles. Depending on the pattern, you can easily pair a crop top with casual and work-appropriate outfits. 

How to find your perfect crop top sweater 

Shop around online to see what styles and colors are out there. Once you’ve found five or six different styles that you love, try them on in-store if you can. And don’t forget to take pictures so that you can compare styles side-by-side! 

Try out different styles 

Now that you’ve found five or six perfect styles try wearing them with different outfits. You might like one particular style, but you prefer it with a different outfit. That’s fine! If you find one style that you love, stick with it! 

Know your materials 

The material is the most important thing to know when looking for your perfect crop top sweater. Look for something that is not too thin and not too thick. Thinner knits are usually a little more sheer, while thicker fabrics are thicker, making them less see-through. Choose a material that is easy to layer over. For example, if you’re wearing a corset top underneath, you don’t want the sweater to show through! Choose fabrics like cotton, acrylic, or wool if you want a more versatile option that can be worn in both summer and winter. 

How to care for your crop top sweater 

Next up, you’ll want to learn how to care for your new crop top sweater. It’s super simple! You can machine-wash your crop top sweater in cold water and hang it to dry. You can also wash it in the washing machine if you want to save yourself some time. Make sure that you do not tumble dry your crop top sweater.  

You do not want to shrink your sweater! Throwing a sweater in the dryer can shrink your sweater and ruin its fit. Instead, throw your sweater in the closet or hang it up to air dry. You can also use a goo-wielding spray to keep your crop top sweater looking fresh! 

Which brands have the best crop tops? 

Now that you know how to find your perfect crop top sweater, let’s talk about which brands have some of the best options. Whether you’re looking for a basic black crop top or something a little more patterned, there are many great options out there.  

Here are a few of our favorites: – Topshop. Topshop is one of the best places to find basic styles, so you can’t go wrong with a basic black crop top. – ASOS. ASOS is one of the best places to find more unique and creative options, so you can’t go wrong with a more creative crop top. – Uniqlo. Uniqlo is one of the best places to find basic black tops, so you can’t go wrong with a basic black crop top. 


As we’ve shown, finding your perfect crop top sweater isn’t as hard as you might think. You need to shop around a bit, try out different styles, and know the materials of the material you’re looking for.  

There are tons of great options, so don’t be scared to try something new. The worst thing that can happen is finding your perfect crop top sweater! We hope that this guide has helped you find your perfect crop top sweater. All you need to do is slip into a pair and snuggle up with them on a chilly day! 

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