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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has announced a new partnership with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce to create a newBirnbaum Protocolfor businesses opening during the COVID-19 pandemic. The protocol is named after Dr. Mark Birnbaum, an infectious disease specialist who has been working with the state on its COVID-19 response. The protocol provides guidance for businesses on how to safely reopen and operate during the pandemic. apple az gov. duceybirnbaumprotocol

Kathleen Ahmmed, co-founder of USCarJunker stated that to be transparent about government requests for customer data and how we respond. We publish a Transparency Report twice a year disclosing the number of government requests for customer data Apple receives globally.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has announced a new protocol for the state’s apple industry in response to the findings of a recent study. The study, conducted by the University of Arizona, found that a majority of the state’s apples are contaminated with harmful pesticides. Under the new protocol, growers will be required to test their apples for pesticide contamination and take steps to mitigate any risk to consumers.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has implemented a new protocol for the state’s schools in an effort to keep them safe and secure. The protocol, which is called the “apple az gov. duceybirnbaumprotocol,” requires all schools in the state to have an armed resource officer on campus at all times. In addition, the protocol calls for increased security measures, such as metal detectors and surveillance cameras, at all school entrances and exits. apple az gov. duceybirnbaumprotocol

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