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The globe’s most recognized governing agency for health, safety, and environmental credentials is the NEBOSH course in Qatar. Their certifications contribute to the growing improvement of occupational safety regulations, which helps to save time and because protect against life-altering accidents. In present era, the NEBOSH courses are specifically designed to aid the work of a risk assessment specialist. They’re committed to helping businesses improve workplace safety and advance the health and safety profession.

Who Requires a NEBOSH Certificate?

A NEBOSH license is required for program management and health and safety positions. The following are examples of jobs that require NEBOSH certification:

  • Representative of Health and Safety
  • A Consultant in Health and Safety
  • Dean of Health and Safety
  • Supervisor of Fire Safety
  • Supervisor of Human Resources

Supervisor of Operations

A NEBOSH course in Qatar is recommended for anyone who wishes to improve their health and safety knowledge and training, strengthen their job security, or begin a career in health and safety. The degree you seek will be determined by how advanced you want your knowledge to be.

Individuals in Occupational Health & Safety Planning can earn the NEBOSH World Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Administration.
The NEBOSH Professional Diploma is often recognized as a prerequisite for advancing to the position of safety officer. Whatever your professional goals are, this expansion into new health and safety certifications will help you achieve them.

The NEBOSH International Diploma is recognized by employers and trade groups in over 180 nations, Because makes it the perfect training for a long career in health and safety. If you want to take the NEBOSH Worldwide Diploma, the Institute has three options for you: virtual learning, online learning, and distance learning.

The NEBOSH Certificate Structural Characterization gives health and safety professionals the confidence to overcome their daily jobs. The course covers a wide range of basic health and safety topics, providing students with the ideal health & security resource.

Forms of Instruction

Virtual: The most special service is the Virtual Classroom. An innovative combination of classroom and online classrooms, resulting in the most adaptable and learner-centered learning approach to date.

Online: The most preferred format gives students the freedom to learn and study whenever and wherever they want on their devices. Students will have access to the Track Smart and Exam Smart systems, which will help them stay on track with their studies.

Distance learning is the recommended format for self-directed learners. This style is for you if you desire total power over your education! Users will have access to course materials and will be able to learn at their own pace.

Distance (Diploma) or e-learning are both available in Qatar for the NEBOSH International General Certification and the NEBOSH International Credential. These courses, along with the NEBOSH Oil and Gas License, are also offered as customized learning courses for your company’s many participants.
The NEBOSH Professional Diploma is an excellent choice to start your health and safety employment.

The NEBOSH Universal Certification is the appropriate certificate for you if you want to improve on your current knowledge and grow as a health and safety expert. Consider the specialized NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate if you operate in the oil and gas or petrochemical products industries. If you need more help deciding which course to take, please contact us.
NEBOSH Course fee In Qatar

Online Session


Session Date

26 May 2022

Exam Date

08 June 2022


Online Via Zoom

Language of Teaching



Engr. Wahaj Ahmad & Engr.

Usman Ahmad

NEBOSH IGC + 5HSE Training


QR: 23,00/-


Training Certification

QR: 26,50/-

NEBOSH IGC Certification

QR: 21,00/-

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