Build Your IDO Launchpad on BSC to Become Reputed With Time

Since the evolution of blockchain technology began in the 1990s as a scientific theory, most people did not bet on its growth. But, those people’s thoughts went wrong when the first-ever cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin, launched in the late-2000s. The world’s view of the digital ledger changed as years passed and new advancements came blasting. Every new development makes people realize the enormous potential of the blockchain world. Some particularly impressive developments include crypto exchanges, non-fungible tokens, smart contracts, initial offerings, decentralized finance, and decentralized autonomous organizations. Also, new blockchain networks were developed that aimed to combat the problems in the existing networks. Some popular blockchains include Ethereum, BNB Chain/BSC, Solana, Avalanche, Polkadot, Flow, Cardano, and Harmony. This blog speaks about a special part of blockchain applications on a special blockchain – the IDO launchpad on BSC

An Introduction to IDO Launchpads

An Initial Dex Offering (IDO) launchpad is the platform that employs the IDO model for crowdfunding in the crypto world. But, what is an IDO, then? An IDO is a fundraising model based on decentralized crypto exchanges (shortened as DEXs) that help maintain token distribution and liquidity. IDOs came as a relief and a modern way to fight the issues faced by the preceding crypto funding models, such as ICOs and IEOs, which were at the extreme ends of regulations. While the former was largely unregulated and not trusted, the latter was extremely regulated, which made these models prone to the typical problems of the early-era crypto space. 

On the other hand, Initial Dex Offerings have all the pieces sorted, which you will see later in this blog, primarily through the use of decentralized exchanges for functioning. IDOs also help in facilitating true peer-to-peer trading, which is based on one of the main aspects of the crypto world – Decentralization. In these platforms, investors can easily find good projects, and project owners can ensure that they have access to a huge investor community.

An Introduction to BSC

Binance Smart Chain/BSC (Now known as BNB Smart Chain) is a parallel blockchain that runs alongside the Binance main chain. Binance is famous for its official crypto exchange, and BSC aims to touch more heights than the Binance main chain. According to Binance, “the network is community-driven, open-source, and decentralized,” which has been the main reason behind the popularity of the network. Apart from that, the BSC blockchain also solves the problem of low transaction speeds and high costs through its advanced technology, which has come as a relief for people who had earlier suffered from gas fee hikes on the Ethereum network. Hence, it is no wonder that BSC IDO launchpads have been massively successful.

Essential Features of an IDO Launchpad on BSC

  • An IDO launchpad on BSC can have a community-based KYC/AML portal, which can help list real projects so that everyone benefits mutually.
  • A BSC IDO launchpad will also have a decentralized exchange that utilizes the advantages offered by the blockchain network by managing the capital of end-users effectively. 
  • An IDO launchpad on BSC will contain a token listing system that can be automatic to update as per current trends and engagement. It is easy for project owner to submit their projects for IDO listing on the launchpad.
  • Such an IDO launchpad on BSC will also have all the features of a common IDO launchpad platform, including DEX, native tokens, listing portals, liquidity pools, sort, and filter options, and integrated crypto wallets.

Advantages of Running a BSC IDO Launchpad

  • A BSC IDO pad will have high processing speeds, which come at low costs, which eliminates the concern of transaction fees. 
  • An IDO launchpad on BSC will also ensure liquidity which is important as far as project owners and investors are concerned.
  • Investors on a BSC IDO launchpad can easily start trading the project tokens they bought immediately as there is no cool-off period present.
  • Additionally, an IDO launchpad on BSC will have an easy-to-use user interface, making it easy for anyone to invest in tokens.
  • Through sort and filter options, investors can easily find projects of their choice on a BSC IDO launchpad without much trouble.

Closing Thoughts

Thus, an IDO launchpad on BSC will be helpful as a business venture if you are striving to catapult future crypto ventures. Also, as the BSC blockchain is seeing a massive increase in user count, it can be easily said that new projects will be up with their IDO tokens, and there are not enough IDO launchpads on BSC to cater to such sudden needs. Hence, if you can capitalize on the BSC’s growth phase through an IDO launchpad, you can certainly get reputed in the long run. For any assistance in building an IDO launchpad on BSC, it is endorse to approach a firm that specializes in developing BSC IDO launchpads as per your needs.

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