Changes In The Higher Education System In Spain

Studying at an old-world university today opens up new career opportunities.The investment will be profitable in the future. In this article, we will take a look at what higher education is like in Spain. how much does it cost? features of the local education system

Why study in Iberia?

There is a calm atmosphere that is hard to adjust to. International students are fascinated by the wonderful weather, clear weather, and delicate architecture. And the love of the locals who are always ready to help. You can enjoy many vacations in your spare time.

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  • Higher education in Spain is offer by Pakistan and other foreigners, but most universities offer scholarships and grants to cover most expenses.
  • Reputation: According to Wikipedia, there are 25 universities in the country’s QS World University Rankings, including 13 of the top 50 universities in the world. The largest and most prestigious educational institutions are located in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Spanish universities are rank in 24 disciplines, including veterinary medicine, economics, and food science. You can come here to study under the Erasmus + exchange program and international mobility, improve your language skills, and open up new job opportunities.

There are traditionally three levels

There are traditionally three levels of higher education in Spain: undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral. The duration of the first phase of the study is three years. At this point, you will need to earn 180-240 credits (like a degree from a Spanish university), a master’s degree program takes 1-2 years, and post-program qualification ranges from 60 to 120. Can go Ph.D. degree with teaching. Independent research and further Ph.D. Self-research and scientific research is the main focus of doctoral studies.

Work is permitte during the study under certain conditions. The employer must file a claim, and you to meet its requirements. This should be compare with professional training

Those who wish to become students at a Spanish university must take the PAAU main exam, which is taken in a specially organized preparation course at a school or university. Madrid has a distance education university where applicants can take exams without attending. Graduates are given a general level preparation test and their knowledge of a particular chosen subject is tested. Answers are examined on a 10-point scale.

How to proceed

Since 2014, higher education in Spain has become more accessible to foreigners. This order exempts international students from the entrance exams. To attend a university in Spain, you will need:

  • School certificates are translate into the official language and notarize.
  • DELE or SIELE certification indicates an appropriate level of proficiency in the state language for training.

Above we have listed only the minimum required documents. Requirements may vary from university to university, for example, some universities require a letter of encouragement. Increase your chances of winning game prizes. The number of international students in public universities should not exceed 5%.

Higher education in English in Spain

Today the number of English language courses in the country is constantly increasing. Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing Tourism, Economics, Journalism, and Communication are administere in English, and the Global Business School in Barcelona and the University of Marbella in Malaga are English-speaking institutions. There are more master’s programs in the languages ​​of international communication than in the languages ​​of the country. The country is doing its best to attract students from abroad and focus on the global market. Many universities offer bilingual programs, some in Spanish and some in English.

What is the cost of studying in Spain?

In Pakistan, you can study and get scholarships at government expense. It does not work in the Spanish region. Higher education in Spain is free – a myth, but the state provides the most expensive education in Europe. At many universities, grants and scholarships can reduce costs. It is often possible for Pakistan to cover most, if not all, of the cost of higher education in Spain. Information about scholarships and grants can be found on the official website of the institution of your choice.

The cost of graduate courses in private universities in the country’s educational institutions is 700-1800 Euros. It is difficult to name a specific price setting because it defines a tariff. Studying at a private university is as expensive as in any other European country.

Comprehensive classroom

The country has 50 public and 37 private educational institutions as well as 67 science and technology parks and 480 research institutes. The European Higher Education Area includes Spain. Therefore, degrees awarded by students are accepte in 53 countries, of which 45 are European. Often found in world rankings, Spanish universities are know for having ERASMUS + participants.

Accurate universities can be found here:

University registration

  • List of full or partial Spanish universities in English
  • QS World University Rankings 2021 including the University of Barcelona, ​​Independent University of Madrid, College of Completeness, University of Norway, etc.

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