Dine today at these best restaurants in Lahore

Lahore’s restaurants are a treasure trove of culinary delights. From delicious pan-Asian dishes to the best coffee, this list of Lahore’s best restaurants has something for everyone. Click here to see the Best Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore.

Whether you’re craving traditional Pakistani cuisine, or just want to avoid the stress of cooking, Lahore Restaurant Near Me is a great option for you. For starters, check out the Urban Kitchen, Ziafat, Bashir Dar Ul Mahi, and Qabail Tribes.

Read on to learn about Cafe Aylanto, Qabail Tribes, Tabaq, and Nadeem Tikka. We are sure you will find a great dining experience in these restaurants! You want to make sure you visit them all! Here’s what to expect from each!

Qabail tribes

If you are looking for authentic Pashtun food in Lahore, you must go to Qabail Tribes restaurant. The authentic Pashtun dishes in this restaurant are Kabuli Pulao, Chicken Sajji, and Peshawari Naan. The food here is quite affordable, and if you’re in a group of eight to ten people, a meal here is sure to please.

The Qabail Tribes restaurant in the Johar Town area is the most popular place for Lebanese food and one of the best restaurants in Lahore. Located on the top floor of the Park and Ride Plaza Liberty, it serves halal, vegan, and Asian food. In this restaurant, you can order different dishes, from chicken and lamb to Indian and Chinese.

One of the most popular meals at Qabail Tribes is the “Chicken Sajji”. It is served with rice and garnished with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Served with fresh vegetables and rice, the meal will delight even the pickiest palate. The restaurant offers ample parking and the delivery service is convenient.

Nadeem Tikka

Nadeem Tikka, a well-known barbecue restaurant, has been operating in Gulberg III since 1979. This place has grown from a simple food kart to one of the best restaurants in Lahore. You can dine here with a variety of dishes including Pakistani specialties, Chinese food, and Italian dishes. If you are planning a special occasion, the restaurant offers special offers for groups.

The Hi-Tea menu features over 30 dishes and a mint margarita appetizer. The dinner buffet offers more than 50 dishes, the main course, and shakes! The food at Nadeem Tikka is so delicious and cheap you’ll be tempted to go back for more. While dining at Nadeem Tikka, you can also take advantage of the restaurant’s birthday decor.

The rooftop restaurant offers a panoramic view of the city of Bahria. The rooftop view from the roof allows you to dine outside on the restaurant’s terrace. For those on a tighter budget, the Dar’s Delighto branch offers delicious food and a variety of decor packages. It is one of the best restaurants in Lahore to celebrate birthdays. There are 80 dishes available and the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing.


If you are looking for an upscale dining experience, Tabaq is one of Lahore’s best restaurants to go to. Located in the heart of Faisal town in Lahore, this family-run restaurant has been serving food to customers for over 45 years. Although the restaurant started out with just five menu items, it now has over a hundred options. In addition to the extensive menu, Tabaq has a welcoming atmosphere and attractive decor.

Although Tabaq is famous for its “Chargha”, you can enjoy their other dishes and special Meal Deals. Their burgers and sandwiches are often complemented by Tandoori. During the week, Tabaq also offers live cooking demonstrations and special events.

In Lahore, there are also many rooftop restaurants to choose from. Tabaq is one of the best restaurants in Lahore if you want good food with a great view. The restaurant offers Sunday brunches and individual Platters. You can also order your food online and have it delivered to your home.

Cafe Aylanto

Located in DHA, the Cafe Aylanto is one of Lahore’s best restaurants due to its outdoor dining area. The food selection is extensive, with an emphasis on Mediterranean and Italian dishes. Popular items include Moroccan chicken, grilled steaks, and mushroom soup. In addition, the atmosphere is elegant. For a perfect night out, a visit to the cafe is a must. The menu is regularly updated, but the quality of the dishes remains the same.

The restaurant offers a variety of food from wagyu steaks to Chinese specialties. The menu is diverse enough to satisfy everyone, be it a solo dinner or a group of friends. There is also a special family dining area for children and families. Another dining area is a lounge area with soft sofas and dim lighting. Outside, the cafe is equipped with fog fans to keep the atmosphere cool on warm summer evenings. The patio can be reserved for private parties or other events.

A visit to Cafe Aylanto is a wonderful dining experience. The menu changes regularly and the chefs are attentive and knowledgeable. You can expect to experience some of the best cuisines in Lahore while dining here. Some of the specialties are the Dragon chicken and the duck steak. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Lahore with a romantic atmosphere, this place is a must-visit.

Arcadian Cafe

Arcadian Cafe, located in Packages Mall, Gulberg, is a great place for a business lunch or family outing. The extensive menu includes Asian, Continental, and Italian dishes. For hi-tea, there is a separate hi-tea menu. You can enjoy a drink at the bar or try some of the delicious desserts.

This restaurant offers traditional Pakistani dishes with a global twist. You can taste everything from barbecue to traditional Punjabi cuisine. For dessert, try the peanut butter cheesecake and enjoy the view of the Badshahi Mosque. This restaurant in Lahore is also known for its ice cream. There is no reason to miss this delightful place. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just celebrating a special event, you can’t go wrong with this eatery.

If you’re looking for Lahore’s best restaurants that can offer a unique experience, Arcadian is the place to go. It has many sitting areas and comfortable sofas, as well as a birthday corner where you can dine with your loved ones. The restaurant has an extensive menu with many options and regularly updates the menu with new flavors and dishes.


If you are looking for the best food in Lahore, you must try Ziafat. Serving simple yet delicious delicacies, this restaurant was once one of the best buffet restaurants in Lahore. The restaurant has been providing high-quality food to regular customers for 20 years. It is located in the bustling Gulberg II area.

This rooftop restaurant in Lahore is one of the best restaurants in Lahore to enjoy delicious food while taking in the view of the city. The ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for a date and you can enjoy lunch here with your family. The prices are reasonably priced at Rs 2365 to Rs 2885 per person. The restaurant offers a variety of menus and drinks, including Sunday brunches. Guests can also take advantage of the restaurant’s delivery service if they wish to dine out in the evening.

Bashir Dar Ul Mahi

If you like seafood and want to experience traditional Pakistani food, you must go to Bashir Dar Ul Mahi. This restaurant in Lahori serves delicious fish and seafood. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Lahore. Besides fish, you can also enjoy traditional Lahori food here. Seafood lovers can visit Bashir Darul Mahi, located on M.M.Alam Road, and Husseini Chowk. The fish is baked on-site by the chefs who work 18 hours a day.

If you want to experience authentic Pakistani food in one of Lahore’s best restaurants, head to Bashir Dar Ul Mahi. The restaurant is internationally acclaimed for the quality of its food and the chef is renowned for his traditional desi dishes. The city’s culinary culture has remained intact despite the changes in the region.

Fuchsia Kitchen

If you’re looking for one of Lahore’s best restaurants that serves a wide variety of dishes, consider Fuchsia Kitchen. The food in this restaurant is classic but it is still modern, with a taste you will love. They serve dishes with influences from Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisine, and their ambiance is elegant and stylish. You can order food from a wide variety of menu items for a reasonable price. Plus, you’ll be happy to know they deliver.

They offer vegetarian dishes and you can even get a delicious lava cake. You can order from the extensive menu. In addition to the delicious food, you can also order a range of signature drinks. There is also a smoking area. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and the beach theme is very appealing. Before the pandemic, you could also attend music events in Fuchsia Kitchen.

The menu of Fuchsia Kitchen has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Asian meal or modern Pan-Asian cuisine, this restaurant’s menu will please you. The prices are slightly higher than average, but the food is worth it. The chicken dishes are great, but the Thai Green Curry relies too much on conventional flavors.

Yum Chinese and Thai restaurant

YUM is the most popular restaurant chain in Lahore, serving upscale Chinese and Thai dishes. It is located near the world-famous Gulberg and DHA food districts. The restaurant is known for its casual atmosphere and contemporary dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The menu includes stir-fried chicken with cashews, onions, and black mushrooms.

The interior of the restaurant makes it feel like you are dining in a quaint, upscale Los Angeles restaurant. The dining room is surrounded by windows and the interior features warm wood finishes and vintage chandeliers. If you’re looking for one of Lahore’s best restaurants offering a unique dining experience, Yum Chinese Thai Restaurant is well worth a visit. While enjoying your meal at Yum, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the city from the rooftop restaurant.

Urban cuisine

If you’re in Secaucus and looking for a great Pakistani restaurant, you’ve come to the right place! Urban Kitchen serves delicious Pakistani cuisine, with a variety of dishes including chicken, beef, lamb, and more.

The menu is diverse, with a mix of traditional Pakistani dishes and those from other regions. Some dishes are barbecued and served with sweet potato chips, while others are more suitable for vegetarians. If you are looking for something sweet, don’t miss the Cheesecake, or the delicious desserts that leave you wanting more. If you’re looking for a unique experience, look no further than Urban Kitchen.


If you haven’t been to Lahore, you’re missing out on some of Lahore’s best restaurants. Many people like to eat out after a long day at work. There is no need to toil over a hot oven when you can head to Amu Restaurant and enjoy a variety of Pakistani dishes. It will save you the trouble and time of cooking. This restaurant in Secaucus is a great place to try a wide variety of Pakistani dishes without the stress and hassle of cooking.

The chef, Shahnawaz, is Michelin trained. This upscale restaurant in Lahore is a great place for intimate dinners and romantic dates. Amu offers a 7-course meal experience and is a good choice for a romantic date. There are also several choices for couples looking for a romantic night out.

Muhammadi Nihari

One of the most popular and well-known Pakistani dishes is Nihari, which is made from meat, spice, and oil stew and is traditionally served as a breakfast dish. There are several types of Nihari including Fry “Beef Nihari” and “Maghaz Nihari Fry”. If you’re craving this traditional Pakistani dish, Muhammadi Nihari is one of Lahore’s best restaurants to head to. You can find branches of Muhammadi Nihari in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and other major cities of Pakistan.

This famous restaurant is also known for serving some of the best nihari in town. Beef nihari is the most popular dish here and it is the ultimate way to impress your date.

Coco’s Den

The walls of Lahore are home to the numerous Havelis, which are now museums. The Havelis are worth a visit in their own right. There are plenty of artifacts to view and admire. Coco’s Den Restaurant in Lahore is a must! While in Lahore, don’t miss the city’s most interesting sights.

The architecture of Cooco’s Den is quite interesting and very reminiscent of old Lahore. The open terrace at the top of the building is an excellent dining option. In addition to the delicious food, portraits of people from the area can be seen in the restaurant. You can also view paintings and figurines of the River Ravi. The interior of Cooco’s Den has an interesting history and many have been converted into the restaurant’s dining room.

During Ramadan, Muslims worldwide fast, and the first meal of the holy month is served in Cooco’s Den. The restaurant’s rooftop terrace offers the most spectacular view in the country, perhaps even Asia. The restaurant’s terrace overlooks Badshahi Mosque, the largest mosque in the world. Inside, the gilded red bricks of this old mosque are reminiscent of days gone by.


Taipan is a Chinese well known as one of the best restaurants in Lahore. It serves high-quality Chinese dishes in an ambiance suitable for impromptu public gatherings or appropriate get-togethers. The Taipan menu is diverse and includes dishes with an umami flavor. The chefs emphasize reliable ingredients over traditional Chinese cooking techniques, but the overall result is excellent.

Guests can dine on traditional Thai and Chinese dishes, as well as vegetarian options. If you want a taste of authentic Thai cuisine, try the honey chili sesame shrimp or the chicken chop suey. The restaurant is decorated with red and black decor and the service is top-notch.

This European and Chinese restaurant is open daily from 10 am to 2 am. It serves high-quality halal food and offers candlelit dinners. The quality of the food is exceptional, and you can’t go wrong.

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