Evenflo baby stroller


Strollers are the best option to keep your baby busy in a confined area or place. It keeps your baby entangled in his or her toys In front of your eyes. When you are busy in working either in offices or doing your household chores, it is an ultimate help provider. It helps you in every manner. It keeps your baby secured and safe in a confined place. Your baby will be happy when he saw you in front of his or her eyes. You will also be delighted by hugging and chuckling your baby.

Evenflo baby stroller

Being a working mother along with the daily household task and managing a newborn is really a bit difficult task. Each and every aspect of your life needs time. Usually, a. Ew born when comes to life all your priorities have been changed and life has been delightful. It’s all about a new experience. You faced all things in a new scenario. Priorities have also been changed. You will be giving time to your baby. Your expenses priority has also been changed. You bought new things for your newborn. When the baby grows his size additional toys have also been added to his collection. Managing a baby and your household needs technical attention. Strollers will provide you and your baby security and comfort. Evenflo baby stroller will definitely fulfill all your demands. It will meet your criteria of needs. Let’s have a look at its unique features.


Different varieties of colors are available in the stock. You can choose from sandstone, casual grey, dusty rose, and salsa. All are unique and modern designs available only for you.


It is not only pocket friendly but will also meet all your requirements. It is available for just $279 in price. It is only one-time investment. If it is handled with care and attention it will be used for your second and third baby as well. You will not need to purchase another stroller.


The material used to manufacture this unique and modernized stroller is of three types. It includes plastic, alloy steel, and polyester.

High mode travel system

This Evenflo baby stroller turns from an infant car seat to a big stroller carriage system. It all depends upon the needs of the parents. It is a multipurpose stroller. It grows with our child which includes a safe max infant car seat with a Safe Zone base.

There are basically six modes of usage. You can use this stroller in six different ways. It becomes an infant car seat, it became a stroller seat and it became a carriage seat. You can use the model which you like most according to your needs.

Snack tray:

You can enjoy a happy meal with your toddler during walking in the park. That tray can be removed easily. It can be cleaned with a cloth or any type of sponge dipped in a cleanser.

Oversized storage basket:

The oversized storage basket is provided in the Evenflo baby stroller. It can keep all your and your baby’s belongings. It can smartly access through both the front and rear of the side. You can keep all the essentials inside the stroller. The essentials for your baby like diapers, feeder bottles, snacks, water bottles, clothes, and others.

Versatile cruiser tires:

The tires are of ultra-high quality. It can provide you with a bumpy ride. They are versatile cruiser tires.

Maximum weight recommendation:

The baby seat has the greatest load of 50 lb, with tallness proposals of up to 38 inches (96 cm), while the vehicle seat has a most extreme load of 35 lb. What’s more, up to 32 inches.

Advance feature

The SafeMax Rear-Facing Infant Car Seat isn’t just alright with a removable body pad, it has been rollover and side-sway tried. It includes an enemy of bounce back bar that restricts the measure of bounce back development experienced in a front-facing sway.

Belt lock system

Our incorporated belt lock-off framework gives true serenity that the base has been safely and accurately introduced. The Evenflo SafeMax vehicle seat has been planned and tried for underlying uprightness at energy levels almost multiple times the government crash test standard. We’ve additionally tried this framework to mimic a side-sway occasion and rollover occasion. Besides, it remembers a stay-for vehicle base that takes into account a speedy and safe newborn child vehicle seat association from carriage to the vehicle as well as the other way around.

Large canopy

The Evenflo baby stroller is provided with a large canopy and has a peek-a-boo window. You can almost keep a check on your baby while walking or jogging. Keep a look on your baby.

Two cup holders:

As it is previously mentioned that the stroller is provided with a removable snack tray having two cup holders inside it. You can keep yourself hydrated while walking with your baby.

Product dimension:

The dimensions of the product are ‎19.8 x 21.7 x 34.3 inches and the Item model number is ‎560131993A.


For quite some time, Evenflo has relied on a wellspring of accuracy-produced, excellent kid security gear designed for genuine circumstances. Moreover, all Evenflo vehicle seats and buggies incorporate ParentLink client care advantages, similar to ongoing talk and free live video establishment support.

This valuable and modernized product is no doubt a well-established and complete invention. It not only fulfills the mother’s needs. But it also completes the demands of the baby. It has a large storage basket, it is durable, compatible, and up to the mark. Do Not lubricate any part of the child restraint. Do Not use Abrasive solvents or cleaners. It will produce damage to the condition of the stroller.

Take care not to harm any names. The outfit can be cleaned off with a gentle cleanser and water. Try not to lower the outfit strap. To keep away from harm to the clasp, don’t perfect the clasp with a cleanser or cleansers, and don’t utilize an ointment. Learn more about how to protect stroller when flying.

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