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Read Harley Street Healthcare Reviews Before Going for A Hair Transplant

Has the male pattern baldness affected you emotionally? You are not alone in this journey. Worldwide, a significant percentage of the population is affected. Numerous reasons are responsible for such disasters. While some may be hereditary, other causes may be related to imbalances in hormonal levels. Whatever may be the reason, many hair restoration clinics have shot up.

Taking a practical decision

You may be in a dilemma about whether to go in for one of the transplant procedures or not. On top of that, the presence of so many clinics has made the selection task all the more challenging. Go through the Harley Street Healthcare Reviews for a complete guide on the way hair transplants work.

About the various methods

The procedures involve transferring follicles from the donor area to an area where it is entirely bald. All candidates are not suitable for such surgical procedures. If you do not have any tresses left on your scalp, then the solution is an appropriate hat. For eligible candidates, there are numerous solutions. The two transplant methods that have grasped the attention of many individuals are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Take a look at Harley Street Healthcare Reviews to know how scientific innovations have provided satisfactory results.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

In follicular unit transplantation, a specialist takes strips of tissue from the donor site. After extraction, these strips are cut into follicular units. Minor cuts are made on the scalp for placing follicular unit grafts. Those cuts may leave some scarring marks. 

Follicular Unit Extraction

In follicular unit extraction, an expert extracts directly from the donor site. In general, the extraction takes place from the back of the neck. The expert uses a micro-surgical needle for moving to the recipient site. Irrespective of the surgical method you opt for, the follicles will fall off from the transplanted site within a few weeks. You will have to bear baldness for some time. You will get to see new growth after a couple of months. 

Best age to avail

The best candidates for these surgical techniques are those beyond their twenties. Before the surgeon considers an appropriate method for you, he will take several factors into account, such as hair loss pattern, kind of hair loss, and the size of the balding section. In case you start losing hair at a tender age then you may be given medications to address the issue. With age, they may require further treatment.

Taking a rational call

Choose the online medium for conducting extensive research about facilities excelling as hair restoration clinics. Do not make a hasty decision. Otherwise, in your hurry, you will make a disastrous choice. This will lead to the wastage of significant time and money. The clinic that you have in mind should be an established name in the industry. It is a rational decision to sieve through the testimonials of past clients. The information will help you to get a clear picture of the company. 

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