How to cut slice Without a Pizza Cutter

Many individuals all across the world like eating pizza.  To make serving easier, you must cut it into symmetrical wedges after taking it out of the oven. A pizza slicer can be useful in this situation.

You can cut out those slices precisely with the help of the pizza cutter. Pizza is difficult to cut, especially if the tool is damaged or blunt. In this article, we’ll explore the pizza cutter alternatives that are out there. Continue reading!

Pizza Cutting Tools And Equipment

But first, before we discuss alternatives to pizza cutters, you should be aware of the many guidelines that are in effect when you don’t use a pizza cutter, such as:

After removing the pizza from the oven, you should give it some time to cool before slicing. You won’t be able to remove the pizza toppings and cheese if you let it sit for a time.

For a clean and smooth cut, the blade size you choose should be able to span the entire pizza’s diameter.

Move back and forth to prevent the cheese and toppings from getting all over the place while cutting the pizza.

It’s possible that your pizza cutter isn’t working as effectively as it should. If that is the case, use these tools:

1. Chef’s Knife

If the chef’s knife can fit inside the diameter of your pie, it will be able to cut your pizza into flawless slices. If you have one handy, use it to cut pieces without touching the cheese.

Before cutting the pizza, let it cool off for a few minutes. Do not twist the blade as you cut through the pizza crust. Otherwise, the look of the wedges would be tarnished since cheese, and other toppings would spread everywhere.

2. Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears are versatile tools that may be used for everything from slicing salads to cracking open processed goods. They have been used in the process of preparing pizza and resemble scissors very much. Using these kitchen shears, you may quickly cut through the crust of your pizza along its diameter.

3. Pizza Scissors

Pizza scissors come in a variety of styles. Some will have a spatula attached to them, while others will seem to be regular scissors. It would help if you had one in your kitchen on rainy days because sharpening them can be simpler than sharpening pizza cutters.

4. Bladeless Cutting

To cut a pizza without a blade, you must first break it. Cut the pie into pieces to make it simple to pick up one piece or slice at a time after baking.

5. Pizza Knife

Pizza knives have curved blades that glide your pie beautifully back and forth. It is simple to use; start taking it in your hands, position it in the center of the pie, and slice it from one side to the other. Additionally, larger knives can effortlessly cut across the entire pizza’s diameter.


You should feel free to use the above items in place of a pizza cutter to create the perfect pizza slices. However, it would help if you used care while using pointed objects, such as a meat cleaver, to prevent any incidents.

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