How to draw a katana

How to draw a katana. Draw a Super Katana with simple drawing instructions and a tutorial. Ideal for children and beginner artists! A katana is a curved sword used by feudal Japanese Samurai. The Katana has been used since the 1300s. With increasing trade with Japan, these weapons have become famous: Western historians said that Katana was one of the most beautiful weapons in the world’s military history.

Samurai wore her Katana on a belt packed belt named Obi. The blade is picked up so that the wearer can pull the blade and hit a single movement. Only the Samurai were allowed to wear the Katana in the Daisho style, connected to a smaller sword or a dagger. Did you know? In the 1940s and 1950s, the production of swords was banned in Japan, confiscating many swords. Today, sword manufacturers must comply with strict standards and record every blade. Collectors all over the world desire new and historical katanas.

Today Katanas are often seen in the comics of Japanese manga and cartoons. Katana is the name of a DC comic character. Various forms of martial arts include Katanas, generally without net edges for security reasons. Would you like to draw a katana? This simple tutorial and step-by-step sword are there to show you how.

Drawing a Katana

Step 1:

First draw the Tsuba or the Katana Watchman. Draw an oval, but do not complete it. The blade will appear through the opening. Then draw a curved line through the shape to give a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 2:

Then draw the Habaki necklace or the blade, the point where the blade is on the handle. Use straight lines to outline a narrow cube with an open side.

Step 3:

Draw the Katana blade. Expand two slightly curved lines from the blade chain. The longer line is the muune or the back of the blade, and the other is the HA or the tip edge of the blade. Let the lines meet at one point or Kissaki. The curved edge between the front and behind the blade is called Boshi.

Step 4:

Draw a curved line parallel to the rear part of the blade. It forms the Shinogi or the Blade comb. Then draw a wavy line on the length of the blade to form the Hamon pattern or edge.

Step 5:

Draw the grip of the sword or the Tsuka. Use consecutive lines joined by a curved line. Draw a curved line at the top to form the Kashira or the pommel and beautify with a small semicircle.

Step 6:

Draw some small diamonds in the length of the handle and connect them to the edges with curved lines. This scheme shows the Tsuka Ito or the cables.

Step 7:

Draw two long curved lines and connect them to each end. Draw another curved line at each end and create a picture of a hollow tube.

Step 8:

Draw the sage or the suspended cable and delete it if necessary. Enter a rounded rectangular shape and the tape with curved lines.

Step 9:

How to draw a katana

Draw rectangular shapes under the cable by extinguishing ribbons with curved lines if necessary. Use curved lines between the shapes to create a three-node.

Step 10:

How to draw a katana

Color your katana cartoon. Who will master this Samurai weapon? Discover our guides that draw people to ninja, Samurai, and anime characters.

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