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How to find all cardiac arrest symptoms

Cardiac arrest is a fatal medical condition and often occurs without prior warning. Cardiac arrest happens when the heart stops beating, significantly reducing the blood flow to the brain. If detected, it is vital to bring the patient to a hospital close to your home. Any delay will result in the patient’s death. 

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Are cardiac arrest and heart attack related?

Most people believe that cardiac arrest and a heart attack are the same. Though both conditions are related to the heart, there is a major difference. 

A heart attack happens when an artery gets blocked. This does not let  oxygen-rich blood reach the heart, thereby creating complications.  

A cardiac arrest occurs due to an electric malfunction in the heart. As a result, the heartbeat becomes irregular. This condition is known as arrhythmia. This condition can cause the heart to beat too fast or slow, or prevent it from pumping blood to the body’s vital organs. 

Cardiac arrest symptoms 

Cardiac arrest is one of the few medical conditions that does not give any prior warning. Nevertheless, there are some symptoms that may occur before cardiac arrest. You need to be aware of these symptoms so you know what to do when the calamity happens. Symptoms to watch out for are:

Loss of consciousness is one of the most significant and prominent symptoms of cardiac arrest. When a person is suffering from a cardiac arrest, their heart stops beating, which can cause them to lose consciousness and collapse. 

Moments before the cardiac arrest, the patient will have no pulse. If you suspect any abnormal activity, check the person’s pulse. 

The person’s breathing will be affected. During a cardiac arrest there is no breathing. If the person is exhibiting shortness of breath, that might also indicate a cardiac arrest. 

The person may feel weak or fatigued. 

The person may experience palpitations, which is when the heart pounds or beats fast. 

Chest pain is also a sign of cardiac arrest.

Nausea and vomiting are often associated with many medical conditions, but are also prevalent among those susceptible to cardiac arrest.

The person may feel lightheaded or dizzy. 

The heartbeats will be rapid or irregular. 

Wheezing is a known symptom of cardiac arrest.

If you encounter any of these symptoms, immediately take the patient to the hospital or get medical help. But you should know that cardiac arrest can also occur without any warning. So it is advisable to be extremely cautious about this disease.

What to do if a person is suffering from cardiac arrest

If you notice any symptoms of the disease, you need to take immediate action; because if nothing is done, the person can lose their life within minutes. 

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is one of the most effective procedures which can even be done by people who do not have a medical background. The procedure involves chest compressions and rescue breathing. People who are not too familiar with CPR can give hands-only CPR till the arrival of medical personnel. 

If the patient survives a cardiac arrest, the doctor and other medical personnel will analyse the situation to determine what caused the problem. Then, the doctor may perform surgery, suggest medication or advise you to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. 


Besides the symptoms, it is also vital to know the risk factors that increase a person’s chances of suffering from a cardiac arrest. Many of these risks are due to an unhealthy lifestyle and habits. Kicking these habits will ensure the good health of your heart. Some factors that can increase the risk of cardiac arrest are:

  • The person is a smoker
  • Is overweight or obese
  • Leads a sedentary lifestyle
  • Has high blood cholesterol
  • Has high blood pressure 
  • Is suffering from diabetes 
  • The person has a family history of artery diseases 

A healthy lifestyle, good habits, well balanced and nutritious diet and an active lifestyle, are imperative to prevent the occurrence of deadly medical conditions like cardiac arrest. 

Summing upCardiac arrest is one of the most dangerous conditions because it usually strikes suddenly. However, if you are observant, you can still find some symptoms that may indicate that a cardiac arrest is occurring. Call an ambulance or bring the patient to Max Healthcare. Hospitals run by Max Healthcare are well equipped to deal with cardiac arrest cases. The doctors are well-qualified and have treated numerous people with cardiac arrest symptoms. Besides that, you can also play your part in lessening the risk of the disease by following a healthy lifestyle. Also, ensure that you get your heart checked regularly. Being aware of the symptoms and taking the necessary steps on time will prevent any unpleasant eventuality.

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