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Apple has long been known for its sleek design and cutting edge technology. The Cupertino company is now looking to take its design prowess to the next level with the rumored introduction of the Kuo apple. This new apple is said to be made from a single piece of glass, with a metal frame and a touch screen.

Apple is set to release three new iPhone models this year and Kuo has already given us a look at what to expect. The 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will be the smallest of the bunch and is said to sport a design similar to the iPhone 11 Pro. It will have a dual-camera setup with an OLED display. The 6. kuo appleclovermacrumors

Apple is set to release a new line of MacBooks and Mac minis powered by its own M1 chip. The new machines, which were announced at Apple’s “One More Thing” event on Tuesday, will replace the existing Intel-powered models when they go on sale later this month. kuo appleclovermacrumors

The M1 chip is based on the ARM architecture and is manufactured by TSMC. It is a custom design that Apple has been working on for several years.

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