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Elements in Business Communication

Before we get into the various kinds of business communication Let us first look at the essential elements that comprise the most effective communication in an organization.

Sender: The individual or the source from which the communication originates. Eg. employees, customers etc.

The Business Information is a bit of information which must be shared with employees.

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Receiver The person who gets the information. For example, employees, customers, etc.

Elements that are essential to business Communication

Elements in Business Communication

Communications Modes

Different types of business communication

The majority of business organizations use four primary kinds of business communication, i.e. Internal (upward and downward) External, Horizontal/Lateral and External.

Different types of business communication

Let’s look at the various types of business communication in greater detail.

Internal Business Communication

Communication that occurs between the employees of an organization could be described as internal business communications. It includes informal and formal forms of communication. When different departments communicate information to employees within the company, it is within internal communications. It is crucial to have a well-functioning internal communication since it boosts the efficiency and satisfaction of employees. Most often, there are two kinds of internal business communications:

Internal Upward Communication

For example the HR team of an organisation has written the report on a particular subject that is then communicated by the manager of HR. This is an upward-looking internal business communication.

Internal Downward Communication

For instance, the CEO of an organization has now formulated new guidelines in accordance with COVID-19 that have been communicated to all employees. This is the way in which communication within an organization is done in accordance with the internal downward business communications.

Communication Models

Communication that takes place on a horizontal scale, i.e. among the employees of an organization or company is called business communication, either horizontal or lateral. It is usually either written or spoken communications.In this manneof communication, information is limited to those working at the same level.

Horizontal/Lateral Business Communication

For instance, the marketing director of an organization communicates with the production head on the same format in order to inform them about the most recent trends in marketing in terms of product demand, and also customer requirements. Through a smooth exchange of information between the managers from different departments, the message can be effectively circulated.

External Business Communication

When information concerning the business is made available to a different business organization or the officials of some other organization outside of the business context, then it’s called external business communications. In many cases, companies collaborate with other organizations to expand their business prospects. The majority of the communication with business partners is carried out by means of written or oral communication as opposed to other types of business communications.

There are two kinds of business communication that can be external which are informal and formal. The formal business communication comprises a variety of mediums for communication like letters reports, reports, presentations memos, etc. The informal communication with business partners can use various media and is typically outside of the control of an organization.

For instance: You may have seen various deals or promotions on an online platform operated by an individual business or enterprise This is an suitable case of external communication since the businesses use various mediums such as different forms of advertising and the radio channel, Facebook advertisements to advertise their services.


What types of business communications are there?

Internal (upward) and internal (downward) Internal (lateral) External are all the principal kinds of communication in the company.

What are the 6 kinds of business communications?

Formal Communication.

Informal Communication.

Verbal Communication.

Non-Verbal Communication.

Upward Communication.

Downward Communication.

Horizontal Communication.

Diagonal Communication.

What kind of business communication?

What is the Explanation Business communication is the exchange of information between individuals both inside and outside an organization. Managers and employees exchange information to meet organizational goals by using efficient business communication.

What are the three main types of business communications?

In a wider perspective, the communication of an organisation could be classified into three kinds that are internal operational communication, external operational communication and. Communication between individuals.

What are the elements that make up business communication?

Decoding, encoding, medium of transmission and feedback comprise the four components of communication. A corporate or personal message is encoded, then sent by the sender via some or all of the media to the recipient, who decodes the message and responds by giving feedback.

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