Litecoin developers launched a VISA debit card with an LTC balance

Litecoin Foundation and startup Terria launched a virtual VISA card supported in mobile applications: Apple Pay and Google Pay. Altcoin LTC is the main currency of the card balance, which can be replenished in three types of digital currencies (BTC, ETH, and LTC) or fiat dollars through partner points.

Ltc debit card is available for retail payments and fiat dollar transfers; deposit conversion is instant and is not subject to commission costs.

The Litecoin Foundation and Terria will charge a $5 maintenance fee if a customer spends less than $750 per month. An additional fixed payment commission ($1) will appear if you need to sign a transaction with a pin code. The cardholder will have to pay when using an ATM.

These fees increase when using the card outside of the United States. The client bears the risks of fluctuations in the LTC rate. The Company does not charge bonuses for keeping a deposit on the card account. Questions remain about the LTC/ usdc debit card conversion rate.

The app is currently only available in the US. Shortly, Litecoin Card will be available in 31 European countries.

Most crypto cards are cards that work with fiat, not crypto.

Some cards are marked as prepaid and indicate that they must be topped up with fiat before use. They operate in online/offline purchases and provide a cash withdrawal service from an ATM. Commissions accompany all this. Other cards that are not marked as prepaid work on the same principle. The user independently changes the cryptocurrency to fiat in the exchanger and transfers it to the “crypto card.” When paying with a card, he can only dispose of the order that is on the plastic. Agree; this is not quite what you mean when you hear the word crypto map.

For the convenience of users, each of the card companies has developed its application. The crypto-fiat exchange and the subsequent transfer to the card become fast in “a few taps and swipes.” This is how, Cryptopay, SpectroCoin, Trastra, and others operate. Wirex, for example, offers cards in three currencies: in pounds sterling, it is designated as a Visa debit card, and in euros and dollars, it is prepaid.

What is Trastra

TRASTRA is a debit cryptocurrency card created by Financial Services LTD with an office in the UK. This visa card allows users to transact with their digital assets seamlessly. With the TRASTRA card, users can make purchases in stores and withdraw money from ATMs where a visa is allowed.

This allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and XRP and cash into euros for free, i.e., it converts cryptocurrencies into euros, which is the only fiat currency accepted. Users can transfer cryptocurrency to another TRASTRA card for free when buying online and offline with a card for free.

TRASTRA allows users to pay low fees for essential services such as transfers to another debit card, PIN change, account balance checks, etc. Its daily limit is 8,000 euros, and users can instantly disable their card in the TRASTRA app in case of loss.

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