Moving day is approaching. It’s time to pack and dismantle the furniture. Discover five simple tips that will help you pack your things smartly, securely, and inexpensively. You had to think about it!

1 – Wrap fragile objects in terry towels

There are many tips for protecting fragile objects, trinkets, and crockery during a move. Some are fans of wrapping paper and bubble wrap, which is very practical to protect against shocks. But not always very cheap.

If you don’t have bubble wrap on hand, go to your bathroom to get some terry towels. Their soft material makes them ideal for wrapping fragile objects and absorbing shocks. Your dishes will appreciate. And in addition, it is much more ecological than plastic.

2 – Use wheeled suitcases to transport your books

In cardboard boxes, in plastic boxes, in bags. Yet, during a move, you never really know how to pack and transport books, these precious, heavy, and fragile objects.

The best solution is to place them in wheeled suitcases. They will be protected from shocks, and above all, you will have no trouble transporting them. It’s your back that says thank you!

3 – Barricade your furniture with protective packaging

If your furniture is solid and you don’t want to take it apart for the move, you don’t necessarily have to empty it. Attention, it is better that the objects that remain inside are not likely to damage the piece of furniture during transport. Choose light clothes and objects.

To avoid finding your socks scattered on arrival, remember to close your furniture with plastic film. In addition, this will protect them from possible shocks during transport. To purchase protective packaging material at affordable rates, visit www.Britwrap.com. Anti-Humidity Desiccants, Sofa coverings, Floor protection rolls, and TV bags are just a few of the many items available from this well-rounded company.

4 – Store the screws in small bags

When it comes time to reassemble the furniture, there’s nothing worse than not being able to get your hands on the screws, bolts, assembly instructions, and all those little essentials.

To reassemble your furniture easily, remember to store all the small items in a bag on which you will write the name of the furniture. Small freezer bags with zip closure lend themselves very well to this mission.

You have to tape the bag to the piece of furniture concerned, and you’re done!

5 – Prepare a “day after the move” box

In the aftermath of the move, you probably won’t want to rummage through boxes to retrieve your favorite toothbrush or pair of jeans amidst the mess.

To avoid this, plan ahead and be organized. Remember to prepare a bag or a small box with all the things you may need in the first days after your move. It will only take you a few minutes and save you valuable time.

Tip:  Once you arrive in your new accommodation, you won’t want to face the ordeal of connecting electronic devices and the internet box either. Also, before proceeding with the unwiring, remember to take a picture of the connections. Then, you will congratulate yourself for having had this good idea!

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