Pakistan’s Khan insists Islamic nations in Ukraine fighting to reconcile

Pakistani leader questions to help Muslim-majority Nations end; Russia’s battle in Ukraine adorable also to China to unite the endeavor.

Pakistan’s prime minister has encouraged foreign ministers to aid end Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, attractive also to enter the struggle to China’s top envoy from Muslim-majority countries.

Imran Khan spoke at the start of a two-day gathering on Tuesday of the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Islamabad, which for the first time as a special guest witnessed the attendance of China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi.

The war could have great; effects for the world,” Khan alerted in Ukraine and added that the rest of the world is already sorrowing with jetting costs of oil, gas, and wheat comprehended as the breadbasket of the planet from a region.

He provoked the ministers to negotiate, try to get about a respite, and an end to the dispute.

The OIC meeting has an ambitious; agenda in Islamabad that strives for approval for more than 100 declarations, comprising help for financially strapped Afghanistan and support and the people living in the disputed region of Kashmir for the Palestinians.

We have forgotten both the Palestinians and the individuals of Kashmir. I am lamentable to express that we have been competent to construct no clash at all.

He stated that we (means Muslims) are 1.5 billion individuals and now our vote to eliminate this egregious mistreatment is unimportant.

Khan has tried to position himself, but his insistence on continuing with a visit to Moscow last month on the international stage invaded Ukraine perplexed even his most ardent admirers as Russian troops. More details

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