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Resmed CPAP Machines: Price and Features

Resmed is the premium brand in the sleep therapy market. It is well known for its algorithms, advanced comfort settings and innovative technologies. No other brand can match the innovative features that Resmed have. 

Resmed CPAP machine price ranges between 35,000 – 65,000 INR depending on the model and accessories you need.  The Resmed’s  fixed pressure CPAP comes in the Indian market with a price range between 30,000- 35,000 INR. 

While Resmed’s Auto CPAP machine price lies between 40,000 -65,000 INR. Overall Resmed CPAP machines are worth the price when its features and algorithms are concerned. We have found the Resmed CPAP machine price list by that has the lowest price of Resmed CPAP machines in India. 

As far as the features are concerned, following are the few  common features of Resmed CPAP machines :- 

  • Expiratory Pressure Relief 

It is difficult to expire against the constant pressure supplied through the mask by the CPAP machine. Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) is a feature that makes the expiration more natural. EPR drops the pressure while exhaling so that the person can breathe easily.

Expiratory Pressure Relief makes the therapy more natural and comfortable. It’s the essential feature that is present in all Resmed CPAP models. 

  • Ramp 

The start of CPAP therapy is difficult as it’s very hard to fall asleep with the constant delivery of pressure in your mask. To make the start of therapy very natural, the Ramp feature makes sure to gradually increase the pressure. 

So, the therapy starts with a low pressure and pressure rises gradually and reaches to the prescribed level as per the ramp time you have selected. Few premium models of Resmed possess Auto Ramp feature too. 

Auto Ramp works like Ramp only but it is automatic mode. It can detect the sleep onset of the user. The therapy starts with lower pressure and the machine detects that the person has fallen asleep and it’s the right time to increase the pressure.

  • Heated Humidification 

All Resmed CPAP machines come with integrated heated humidifiers. Humidification is important in CPAP therapy as it prevents the condition of sore throat and dry nose. The humidification settings can be changed between 1-8.

High humidification settings are recommended to those who experience more dryness and vice versa. The premium models of Resmed have climate control technology with ClimateLineAir heated tube. 

When turning to Auto mode, the CPAP machine can easily deal with the humidity and temperature the person needs. It can easily detect the optimum humidity and temperature. 

There are many advanced features available in Resmed’s Premium models like advanced event detection, Auto ramp, Climate control humidification and advanced algorithms. The Resmed Autoset algorithm is the most famous algorithm which can mimic the breathing pattern of a user. 

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