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Pest control companies have it tough. It’s not enough just to be good at pest extermination — you have to make sure that before word-of-mouth can do the job for you, your services are prominently listed on Google Maps and Google Search to give potential customers quick access to all of the details about what you offer from a single search engine page. You need SEO. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix with the help of a good SEO company. SEO companies specialize in making sure that your company is listed on the front page of Google so that you can get at least a few clients. And Youtubestorm is the platform where you get a lot of clients or visitors easily through growing Youtube views and subscribers.

SEO for Pest Control Companies

Currently, the pest control industry is very competitive. Having a pest control company; there is the need to stay ahead of your competitors. Regardless of whether your business has 1-2 employees, you can expand it using online avenues. You should have a proactive SEO plan despite the size of your company. Evidently, times have changed in regards to business marketing. In the past, a simple radio or television advert could have put your name out there, but currently, people opt for internet searches to the numerous number of potential customers. You might have a company’s website up and run, but unfortunately, it may have a little impact on the development and growth of your company. At times, your website may not give you any leads or potential business, meaning that you have not done what is required. You might be popular with your clients, who most probably review you online from time to time, but still, your website may be ranked very low on Google. This might be due to various reasons but do not panic, we will sort you out with SEO for pest control companies.

Poorly Designed website which doesn’t properly display on mobile devices and computers

For any SEO for pest control companies, this is a very serious drawback as far as your website is concerned. You should note that Google rankings depend on the number of visits your website gets, amongst other factors. If your website has display difficulties, then it will put off most of your clients. Despite how loyal the clients are, no one likes to strain while trying to read something online. A disgusted client will find it hard to recommend your website to other potential clients, thus hindering your business growth. You can rely on our services to mitigate this drawback. We have a qualified team of web developers who are skilled in HTML, CSS, Flash, Java, MySQL and PHP. With our wealth of skills, you will get a competitive website which is compatible with your mobile devices and PC. Also, due to the influx of smartphone use, we can create a mobile app for your business, and also help you in promoting it. This will ensure that your clients maintain a close contact with your company.

Lack of Organic SEO Ranking on Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization, which optimizes your website, by using the contents of your page, header tags, meta tags, title tags, etc. This helps in giving concise information to the search engines since they are aware of the services offered by the website. By employing our unparalleled SEO practices, we will help in raising your pest company SEO, thus improving its search engine rankings. The website will be, therefore, visible to your clients, without much hassle, thus improving your online business performance. Some of the reasons why you should consider using our website optimization services include:

Branding and Visibility

If you want your potential customers to find you easily and fast, this is the best place to start from. If your clients have to go an extra mile to find you, then they will most probably look for someone else. Through our help, you will enjoy an appropriate search engine optimization, which is a strong foundation that ensures quick accessibility of your website just by typing words or phrases related to the kind of services you offer.


To ensure that your website visitors always remain happy, you should make sure that they receive friendly and the quick services. If you make your visitors happy, they will most likely become regular visitors. There is also a high probability that they will become your marketing agents, by proposing your website to their family and friends.

Beat the Competitors

To keep at par with your competitors, you should consider optimizing your website. You should optimize your website at the first possible instance, which will enable you to gain some ground against your competitors. Otherwise, you will find it hard to catch up with them incase of any delays. Evidently, the better the SEO and website content, the higher your website is ranked in the search engines, which is you should call us now; do not hesitate. With a good ranking in search engines, you have a better chance of beating your competitors.

Cost Effective Marketing

There are many forums of online marketing including PPC, but obviously, SEO marketing provides the best results as long as your investment is properly done. You have the guarantee that our team of experts will ensure that you have the best results, through legal and organic means. We will ensure a gradual build-up of traffic to your website, and we will help you maintain it. SEO traffic is the best since it cannot disappear instantly, or get turned off due to budget adjustments.

Lack of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns on Google AdWords

Other than SEO campaign, we also offer PPC ads via Bing, Yahoo, and Google. PPC ads is a model of internet marketing whereby advertisers will pay a certain fee for every click on their ad. This is basically, a way of purchasing visits to your site, instead of earning the visits organically. The most famous form of PPC is Search engine advertisement, whereby advertisers’ bids on ad placement in the sponsored links of search engines, every time someone searches something related to these links. A case example is when you place a bid on a keyword such as “PPC Software,” there is a high possibility that your ad will show at the top of Google result page.

Whenever your ad is clicked, the visitor will be redirected to your website, but you will need to part with a small fee which will be credited to the search engine. With our skills and expertise, we will ensure that you have a properly working PPC, which will ensure that the fee you pay is trivial, with the visit being worth a lot more as compared the amount you pay for it. For instance, you might be charged $3 per click, but on the other hand, it might result in a sale pesticides worth $300, which is a hefty profit. To help you win the PPC Campaign, we will chip in with some extra input, which includes researching and choosing the best keywords, and also organizing those keywords into perfect campaigns and ad groups. Also, we will setup your PPC landing pages in such a way that they are optimized for conversions. The search engine will reward you if only you create intelligently targeted and relevant pay-per-click campaigns. Their reward is in the form of a subsidized fee for each click, therefore, ensuring that your business makes high profits. Our skilled personnel will ensure that you get this reward, which is why you should contact us as soon as possible.

Our commonly used PPC advertising system is Google AdWords. This is a platform which enables us to create ads for your business, and then we sponsor them so that they appear on Google’s search engine. This system operates on a pay-per-click model, whereby every time a search is initiated, Google digs through a pool of AdWords advertisers and then chooses the winners, who will henceforth appear on a valuable ad space on their search result page. These winners are chosen based on a combination of several factors including the relevance and quality of their ad campaigns keyword, as well as the size of their keywords bids, which is why we recommend our services.

Conducting PPC marketing through the use of AdWord is very advantageous because most search engines, including Google, usually gets massive traffic, thus will deliver the most clicks and impressions to your ads. The frequency at which your PPC ads appear will depend on the type of keywords used and also the match type that we will help you select. Some of the factors which we consider, so as to ensure that your PPC advertising campaign is successful includes:

Keyword Relevance – This includes crafting a relevant PPC Keyword list, proper ad text, and tight keyword group.

Landing page Quality – We ensure that your landing page is effectively optimized, with the inclusion of relevant and persuasive content and a precise call to action, which is designed to fit specific search queries.

Quality Score – This is the Google rating of the relevance and quality of your PPC Campaign, landing pages, and keywords. If you have a better quality score, it is likely that you will get more ad clicks at a considerably lower cost.

SEO versus PPC

You will need to draw visitors to your website, but the most common challenge is figuring out the beststrategy which you can apply. The most popular ways of gaining traffic towards your webpage include SEO optimization and PPC advertising. You need to know how each of these methods works, to ensure that you choose the best method for your webpage. Our skilled personnel will help you figure out the best approach according to the type of your business. Below is our comprehensive comparison between SEO campaign and PPC ads.


The main advantage of SEO campaign as compared to PPC advertising is the long term cost. In most cases, PPC ads will help you get ahead of your competitors, but you will end up paying for every click you get. Alternatively, organic SEO campaign requires no cost, except the initial implementation cost. The long-term costs for organic SEO are significantly lower than those of PPC ads, even if you chose to use a reseller SEO agency in providing digital marketing services to your clients.


You may be tempted to solely rely on PPC Advertising, considering that it gives immediate results. When using natural SEO, it will sometimes take long before there is a sustained level of traffic, but in the long run, it can bring significant outcomes. Evidently, after the website reaches the top of the search engine results, there will be a consistent traffic as long as the website maintains its rank.


There is a high possibility that an average internet user will not understand the exact distinctions of PPC advertisement. A typical user will, however, understand that the highlighted results at the top of their result pages are most likely, paid for which means they are not credible. On the other hand, those results that show at the top of a search engine’s organic results as a product of SEO campaign, are considered to be genuine, which gives them a positive reputation, thus generating more visits.

Competitive Advantage for your Pest Control Company

Every business has a competitor, with every top search going through numerous SEO bumps from competitors. The amount of time you spend while trying to improve your organic SEO rankings will directly translate to the loss of traffic by your competitors, which will give your business an important boost.

To be more successful, we can advise you to settle for a combined approach whereby both organic SEO and PPC ads are used. You will, however, need to strategically analyze the best combination, regarding percentage, so as to achieve a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. You, however, should not worry about that; leave it to us, and we will get a favorable and effective combination. Despite the fact that an organic SEO campaign may have numerous advantages, if integrated with PPC campaign, the results will be better.

Evidently, SEO for pest control companies is a very competitive field. To ensure that your pest company SEO is highly ranked by search engines, there are several factors that you should consider including the website design, type of content posted and the frequency of posting. This will determine the possibility of a client visiting the site again after the first visit. Apart from SEO, we learn that PPC can also be used to increase the number of visits to your website. PPC involves some ads which appear on search engines, and upon clicking them, they will redirect you to a certain webpage. The use of PPC ads, however, has a disadvantage as compared to SEO, in that you have to pay for each click, regardless of whether the customer makes any purchases. This means that there will be long-term costs, as opposed to SEO which only requires the implementation cost. The only advantage of using PPC ads is that the results are instant, unlike SEO campaign, whereby you have to wait for a gradual rise in traffic. Finally, you will learn that the most effective way of ensuring maximum benefits is by using a combined strategy, considering that every method is unique in its way. For any SEO and PPC related services, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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