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Simple Book Marketing Techniques For New Authors

The book industry is booming, and thousands of writers enter the literary world with their inspiring books each year. But does everyone succeed? That’s an important question to be asked. The answer is NO! It takes more than just publishing a book to achieve success. It comes from promoting it effectively. This is where professional book promotion services can help.

Book promotion services feature an experienced team of qualified marketing specialists that can help you gain the attention you deserve and ensure your book’s success. Although this is not true for every author, I would suggest hiring a book promotion service to help you achieve your goal of being a well-known author.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to the point and talk about some easy book marketing techniques that can help you achieve your goals. So, let’s get started:


It’s a good piece of advice for any author who wants his work to be widely recognized. This is also a beneficial aspect of personal branding. Furthermore, the blog can be updated with past or forthcoming prints, reader comments, and reviews in the same genre as other writers, all while working on your latest book. You can always generate hype around it to pique the reader’s interest and provide an existential ground.

Aside from that, you can run some early-bird specials, build a wonderful email list by collecting information via the submission form, provide referral discounts, and generate affiliates for your book. You might also hire a book promotion service with a team of expert writers who can produce high-quality blogs while keeping your target audience in mind to help you promote your book.

Utilizing Social Media

Twitter is one of the most extensively used social media platforms, and it has evolved from breaking news to merely a general tweet that can be used to fire your following rapidly. There are a plethora of Facebook groups where readers can discuss their recommendations and disapprovals of certain books and writers. A dedicated Facebook profile might provide you with an advantage in some of your daily activities.

Word travels from one mouth to another, just as it does in the actual world. The chain is also being followed on social media, particularly on LinkedIn. As a result, you can constantly monitor and participate in the sites and groups that your target audience frequent in order to drive traffic to your platform.

Signing Up On Guest Posting And Reviewing Platforms

Guest posting can help you grow your readership while also introducing you to other authors and publications. Joining a group and posting guest posts can be extremely beneficial. You can broaden your horizons and expand your writing scope by learning about other writers, what readers enjoy and hate, and generating new ideas.

On review sites like GoodReads, you can always register as an author. Signing up for these websites is usually free, and you can use them to promote your books, events, releases, and interviews.

The Importance OF Book Cover

I have frequently heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” yet the cover does matter as much as you don’t want to believe it. So, if you need a book cover designed, don’t hesitate to hire a book promotion service. The cover might be for a new book or one that has already been published.

Continue to experiment with it, and it’s always excellent to have direct feedback from clients. So, before you say yes, double-check. Create a variety of choices and compare them with the audience. By including a blurb, readers will better understand the book’s fundamental theme. However, the quality and amount of the blurb must be modest.

Distribution Networks

You can contact retailers according to your needs and budget. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing for digital books and Create Space for print books are two of the major retailers. They enable you to increase your sales significantly. Apple’s iBooks is one of the stores that sell out in different nations and allows you to price items differently depending on where you are in the world.

Please keep in mind that each distribution channel has its own set of selling and commission criteria. Hence, it’s best to research and evaluate your possibilities thoroughly, especially if you’re a rookie.


So, suppose you’re going to publish a book in the near future. In that case, you should seriously consider using these basic marketing strategies, as they can occasionally go above and beyond your expectations, allowing you to realize your dream of being an established author.

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