Tarsar Marsar Trek: Complete guide


Possibly India’s Most Beautiful Trek

Tarsar Marsar is arguably India’s most beautiful trek. We don’t give treks this title lightly. Especially when it’s more difficult sister trek, the Kashmir Great Lakes, is involved.

On the other hand, Tarsar Marsar is a trek where alpine lakes take on a life of their own.It wasn’t just that you got to camp next to these majestic blue, snow-fed lakes (which you don’t at KGL).Alternatively, the secluded nature of these campsites (a blessing in today’s trekking type of situation!).

You’ll be able to walk around the entire perimeter of Tarsar and Sundersar, giving you multiple views of the same lake!

Tarsar Marsar trek :

There is also Marsar, who is almost always shrouded in sky. This lake is visible from an overhang 600–700 feet elsewhere here. It’s an ideal spot to take in the beauty of both the lake as the sun rises directly above it. This seems to be until skies clump together above the lake as they drift through the U-shaped valley. In a matter of a few seconds, the lake vanishes from view!The Tarsar Marsar trek takes you deep into Kashmir’s heart.The Lidderwat clearings are located between the quaint village of Aru and the Lidderwat clearings. From the Shekhawas’ verdant hills mountains to the massive alpine lakes.The setting of Tarsar Marsar is so stunning that it will leave you speechless for weeks!

7-day duration

12 to 55 years old



Highest Elevation

13,201 feet in length

Get to Know Your Trek

Before embarking on a Himalayan trek, we have always wanted trekkers to be well-informed. The difference between a safe trek and a dangerous one is knowledge. It’s also the distinction between a complete and a superficial experience.

Learn about the Tarsar Marsar trek in this section. It contains detailed information about each day of the trek, including what to expect and how to prepare. This content is the result of many years of experience. These are incredibly helpful for hikers.

Why are workout regimens essential for the trek?

Trekking Level: Moderate

Beginners who want to get in shape should try this.

When rating the difficulty of a trek on Indiahikes, we take into account a number of factors. These include the amount of altitude gained each day, the length of the trek each day, the highest altitude, the terrain, and the weather. We rate a trek as easy, difficult, or somewhere in between based on this.

Safety on the Tarsar Marsar Trek Safety in Kashmir Trekking

Safety – Emergency Exits by Altitude and the Nearest Hospital

While the Tarsar Marsar trek is unaffected by unrest, getting to the base camp requires passing through populated towns such as Bhijbera and Anantnag in Kashmir’s scenic countryside.




The journey from Srinagar to Aru

100 km | 100 km | 100 km | 100 km | 100 km | 100 km | 100 km | Sheikh Feroze Tours & Travels, Sathu, Barbara Shah Chowk,Sheikh Feroze Tours & Travels, Sathu, Barbara Shah Chowk, Srinagar, Sheikh Feroze Tours & Travels, Sathu, Barbara Shah Chowk, Srinagar, Sheikh Feroze Tours & Travels

carriage beginning at 11.30 a.m. The cost of transportation is ₹ 500 per person, payable to the car directly.

DAY 2: Aru to Lidderwat Trek

Easy-moderate trek distance: 10 km | Trek time: 6 hours | Altitude gain: 7,958 ft to 9,131 ft After a half-hour gradual ascent, continue on a gentle undulating walk until you reach the Lidderwat campsite.

DAY 3: Lidderwat to Shekwas Trek

Trek distance: 5.6 km | Trek time: 5 hours | Moderate elevation gain: 9,131 ft to 11,039 ft For the first couple of hours, the trail was mostly uphill with a few short level walks. Just before Homwas, there is a river crossing followed by a gradual ascent.


From Shekwas to Tarsar, take the Shekwas-Tarsar Trek.

Moderate. Trek distance: 5 km | Trek time: 4 hours | Altitude gain: 11,039 ft to 12,449 ft Continuous ascent, mostly on gradual inclines, to the ridge, and then into the Tarsar meadows.

DAY 5: Tarsar to Sundersar Trek

5 km | 5 hours Moderate altitude gain (12,449 ft to 12,946 ft). Beginning with a steep ascent to the pass, then a descent and then a gentle ascent to Sundarsar.


Sundersar to Homwas trek via Marsar

9 km | 7 hours | Altitude loss: 12,946 ft to 11,500 ft via 13,021Moderate The ascent to Marsar takes about an hour. After that, you’ll descend gradually all the way to Homwas.

DAY 7:

 Homwas to Aru Trek. In order to get to Srinagar, you must first drive there. 13-kilometre hike | Trek time: 6 hours | Easy altitude loss of 11,500 feet to 7,958 feet The trail descends gradually all the way to Aru. The cost of transportation per cab is Rs 3,000. (5-6 seater). The driver should be compensated directly.

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