The Various Criteria Of Canada’s Visa On Offer

All of us are aware that Canada is a lucrative destination for employment and educational opportunities. Each year, the number of people applying for Canadian Skilled Work Visas is reporting a major increase. The reasons are manifold and include better living conditions, quality education, and good infrastructure with a plethora of job opportunities. If you are planning to migrate to Canada from any part of the world, the choice of a proper pathway is important.

There are plenty of ways in which you can settle down in the country. It is vital that you find the right method based on the purpose, which may be work, business or study. You may get in touch with an immigration consultant, since they have the requisite knowledge to deal with such situations. They are going to help you from start to finish and ensure that everything follows a distinctive procedure. Below are mentioned some of the visa criteria that are on offer.

  • A Canada PR visa: When you obtain this visa, you can stay permanently in Canada. The moment you are a permanent resident, you will be given all the rights given to the people in the country. Hence, you may apply for programmes like PNP, express entry system, and a lot more. Among all of them, the express entry system is the most sought out program.
  • It is a type of visa designed for those looking for investment opportunities in Canada. There are numerous categories like the start-up criteria, investment or entrepreneur programmes in the various provinces of Canada.
  • Study Permit: Students can use this permit to enrol in top of educational programmes offered by colleges and universities. For this, you need to the gain an acceptance letter from these colleges or universities. Make sure that you showcase your bank account so that you will be able to pay the requisite fees along with other related expenses.
  • Working holiday visa: This visa allows youngsters to work in Canada when they are on a holiday. Based on their nationality, individuals between the age group of 18 to 35 years are able to apply for this visa. In this manner, an individual will be able to support their holiday expenses and enjoy their stay. It is handled through an international experience Canada visa.
  • A visit visa in Canada: It is possible to visit Canada once you comply with a few the basic formalities. You may require a valid passport, health insurance along with a character certificate, and a few basic documents. Even though proof of funds and an income statement are required, they will not persuade the visa officer that you intend to leave the country once your visa expires.

To enter and live in Canada is not a difficult job if you are aware about the correct procedures. Canada skilled work visa consultants will provide you with a definite edge. The entry requirements to visit Canada and obtain a work visa may vary. So it is better that you are aware about these procedures beforehand.

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