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In Maharashtra, Pawna Lake is a popular tourist attraction. It is well-known not only for its views, but also for some historic sites nearby. The top six places to visit around Pawna Lake are listed below. We’ll also show you how to plan a day and make the most of it at the end of the article. At the end of the article, you’ll find a list of attractions that have been excluded as well as the reasons for their exclusion. We’ll also recommend the best restaurant for a launch near Pawna Lake.

Dinosaur Park is number one on the list (See on map)

2. Visapur Fort in Lohagad (See on map)

3. Waterfall of Dudhiware (See on map)

4. Pandharpur, Prati (See on map)

5.Tikona Fort is a fort located in the district of Tikona (See on map)

6.Tung fort is number six (See on map)

7.Lonavala Dinosaur Park

1.Lonavala’s Dinosaur Park

3.8/5, private property, 248 Rs per person (Price may change)

Whereas the mystery of Dinosaurs’ existence has been definitively resolved!

In Lonavala, you can visit a mini-Jurassic park! The property is 6.5 acres in size. There is no upper age limit, but children over the age of three are charged. There are animatronic dinosaurs, games, and dinosaur-themed events. There are restaurants and shops where you can satisfy your hunger pangs. Food from outside is not permitted.

This is a fun place for kids, but adults may not enjoy it. Google Maps has a low rating. Guests are generally dissatisfied with the value for money and the quality of the dinosaur structures.

2. Lohagad Fort (Visapur)

4.6/5, Government-owned property, free admission

Fort Lohagad

It is one of Maharashtra’s many hill forts. It reaches a height of 1033 metres (3389 feet) above sea level. A small range connects the fort to the neighbouring fort of Visapur.

The range separates the Indrayani and Pavana or Pawna lake basins. The Pawna or Pavana reservoir is visible from Lohagad.

The Fort of Visapur is located in the city of Visapur

It stands at a height of 1084 metres above sea level. It shares the same plateau with Lohagad. There are caves, water cisterns, a decorated arch, and old houses within the fort. Pandavas have constructed a number of well-built structures. It is one of the most accessible hiking spots near Pawna Lake.

Despite the fact that Lohagad and Visapur Although the forts of Lohagad and Visapur are close together, only experienced trekkers can cover both in a single day. After completing a one-fort trek, a novice trekker may become exhausted. In a day-plan, newcomers should choose one fort from Lohagad and Visapur.

3. The waterfall of Dudhiware

Rating: 4.7/5, Public property, Free admission

Pawna Lake is only a short distance away. The waterfall is 135 feet tall. It’s a well-known spot for waterfall rappelling, zip lining, and valley crossing.

There is a thrilling adventure to be had there. The milky view of the waterfall is breathtaking. If you want to go waterfall rappelling at Dudhiware, book a day adventure.

It is not recommended that you visit this location when it is raining heavily.

4. Prati Pandharpur (Prati Pandharpur)

Rating: 4.3/5, Private property, Free admission

Transform and improve is being built by Baba Maharaj Satarkar, a well-known Dnyaneshwari speaker, to replicate the look and feel of Pandharpur. It’s near the Pawna Dam in Dudhiware village. In front of the temple, there is a lovely garden. The weather is extremely pleasant. The area is encircled by a lush green forest. It is also an excellent location for meditation.

5. The fort of Tikona

4.5 out of 5 stars, government property, free admission

Vatandgad is another name for it. It is 3500 feet above sea level. It has a pyramidal structure, and Tikona means “triangular.” Trembakeshwar Mahadev’s temple, seven water tanks, and some satvahan caves are all located here. The fort offers a stunning view of Pawna Lake.

6. Tung fort Ticket price: free, government property

Kathingad Fort is another name for it. It stands at a height of 1075 metres above sea level. Kathin translates to “difficult.” While attempting the difficult task of reaching this fort. The fort is conical and has steep climbs throughout, with a very narrow route along the mountain’s edge. The Pawna Dam is only a short distance away. Tung fort is a significant landmark due to its sharp, conical peak.

It is not recommended to trek to Tung fort during the monsoon season. In the monsoon, reaching the top of the fort is extremely dangerous. For an intermediate expedition, go to Tikona castle, and for a simple excursion, go to Jaigarh.

Take advantage of the situation!

So there you have it! The following six locations are the most popular in the Pawna Lake area As a result, you must select a few of them based on your preferences.

So, let’s put together a menu! The most important thing to remember is that you only need to include one fort and a few locations.

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