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Tips for new parents

Even though you read all the parenting books, the practical is going to be different to the theory. It can be daunting to take care of the baby especially if you have not had a recent experience of being around a newborn.

Caring then for the fragile and vulnerable baby can be rather unnerving. There is also then the new-parent fatigue and stress to contend with as well.

And since you cannot ring the best Pediatrician in Karachi for everything, therefore, we have rounded up some tips for all the new parents.

Tips for new parents

Feeding the baby

For mothers who are breastfeeding, getting help from a lactation expert can be helpful. If you are having latching problems or there is issue with the milk supple, the nurse can be of help.

With breast milk, there are not problems of preparing the milk, having the bottle ready, ensuring an optimal temperature, but breastfeeding can be demanding for the mother.

So, work out the merits and demerits of bottle and breast feeding. Some people choose to do a combination, which is also a sound approach. No matter what, it is important to ensure that the baby is having their dietary needs met. An indicator of that is their weight.

Moreover, feeding also needs to be followed by burping. Burps are a bigger problem for the bottle-fed babies but knowing how to work one out can be slightly challenging. A midwife can guide you as to how to burp the baby.

Sleep schedule

Although newborns sleep a lot, they do not sleep for longer time because they need to be periodically fed. So, parents need to be ready for frequent sleep interruptions. But if your baby is sleeping for longer, your doctor might advice waking them up and feeding them, especially if they are not gaining weight.

When you put them to sleep, make sure that they are kept at a safe place. They should be put on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS –sudden infant death syndrome. Also, ensure their crib is clutter free for the same reason.

Bathing kit

You do not need to bathe the baby immediately after birth. Your doctor or the midwife will guide you when you can give the baby a bath; it is ideally after the umbilical cord falls off, and if the baby got a circumcision, it is entirely healed. So, it can be a few weeks till the baby gets a proper bath. But until then, you can sponge bath them.

When bathing, to make things easier for yourself, always gather the paraphernalia before. Try to do it with your partner so there is help. Make sure that the temperature of the room is optimal. Check the bath water yourself before you give the baby one.

Use good shampoos and baby wash, or otherwise, it may lead to a reaction or cause dryness of the skin. To not give babies to many baths, as it can cause their skin to become dry. Make sure that you reach all the nooks and crannies of the baby.

Holding the baby

Holding the baby is no mean feat. There is the danger of dropping them, or not holding them correctly. It is especially potent if you have no prior experience of holding one.

So, to ease the experience, the pro tip is to always support their head. Use your hand to cushion their head and your fingers to hold them. Carrying them in the nook of the arm is easy. However, putting them down might require some practice.

Also, make sure that you properly clean your hands. Babies do not have good immunity, so they are susceptible to infections, so make sure that you properly wash your hands first.

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor

While you should not unnecessarily pester your Child Specialist in Lahore, but do not hesitate to ask them questions from the fear of judgement. They are the best source of information and can guide you best over matters pertaining to the health of the baby.

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