What Impact Do Drama And Acting Classes Have In Boosting Students’ Self-Esteem?

One concern that many children in Singapore struggle with is a lack of self-confidence. A lack of self-confidence in a child can lead to other problems throughout their lives. They may suffer from difficulties which include an inability to establish themselves in the classroom or stand up to bullies, fear of approaching people, and making friends.

Drama and acting classes are excellent ways to help children develop their self-confidence. The art of drama and acting has helped many students who were previously socially awkward to overcome their shyness, gain confidence in social situations, and enjoy being a part of a group. Participation in these activities will impact them in all aspects of their life.

Listed below are some of the positive impacts that acting and drama classes have on students’ self-esteem.

It Develops Social Skills To Feel Confident

Drama and Acting classes are a great source of potential for skill development that can help students gain self-confidence. The development of voice, physique, interpersonal skills, listening skills, and communication are only a few of the benefits of these classes.

It Helps In Building Vocal Abilities

Drama and acting classes assist students in gaining self-confidence by allowing them to voice out their thoughts and project, resonate, pace, and emphasize their ideas to the audience. Learning to speak in front of an audience will assist in performing presentations, speeches, and other public speaking engagements later in the future.

It Gives A Sense Of Pride

Drama and Acting classes help students realize their full potential. The process of preparing for a play over a period of time leads to an incredible feeling of achievement. Their confidence in their potential to achieve on stage will also be mirrored in other domains of life.

Taking Risks Boosts Confidence

Performing arts such as drama and acting are excellent in a way because they enable students to take measured risks in a safe atmosphere. It is through taking risks, failing, then getting back up and moving forward, again and again, that helps students boost their confidence.

It Helps Overcome Inhibitions

Drama and acting classes will help students tear down their inhibitions. In these classes, students will be pushed to the edge of their comfort zone and then taken out of it entirely. Then they will realize that the things they were most afraid of were not as horrible as they had feared.

Learning drama and acting requires a lot of practice. Where to begin, therefore, is a matter of debate. In Singapore’s growing art sector, locating an academy to enroll in a class and learn something new has become too simple. Whether it is to break out of introverted shells, have a little fun, or pick up a skill or two. The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Singapore is the ideal option to further your talents. There is something for everyone in it.

What Makes the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy In Singapore Different From Other Performing Arts Academies?

What is it about the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Singapore that appeals to students? Everything about it exudes joy and excitement in students, from the creativity to the lack of inhibitions to the self-confidence that permeates the whole academy. Rather than being an obligation, this is something they look forward to every week and something that pushes them out of their comfort zones and out of their shells in all the right ways.

Every student who has enrolled in and experienced the Helen O’Grady Academy’s Drama and Acting class has grown in confidence and self-esteem over time and developed creativity and communication skills in their own way. 

The following are some of the unique characteristics that distinguish the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Singapore from other performing arts academies.

Conversations With Teachers

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Singapore has fun and dynamic teachers that have outstanding teaching abilities in a positive social environment. Nonverbal and verbal expressions, as well as listening abilities, are all part of an effective conversation. The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Singapore’s teachers make sure that the students are being heard. They allow a lot of ways for students to converse their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Students Get To Play Games

Many students find learning difficult in a class, which makes them less likely to want to attend those classes. The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Singapore aims to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible for the students by using games and hilarious accents to teach them lessons. 

Get To Know People And Make New Friends

Classes at the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Singapore can have up to 10 students enrolled in them. Not only will this provide students with the opportunity to meet new people who share their interests, but their fellow students will also be there to encourage them as they achieve success and continue to develop their talents.

Classes are Entertaining

The last thing students want to do is spend their days in dull classes. The Helen O’Grady Academy in Singapore classes stand out from the rest because they are always full of energy and laughter. The teacher here aims to make sure that students experience a great sense of happiness. This is done in order to make students feel at ease in the class so that they can experiment with new ideas and develop their personal and theatrical abilities.


Every year at the end of the academic year, all of the students at Helen O’Grady Academy in Singapore perform a scripted show for their friends and family. This is a unique opportunity for students to put into practice the skills they have learned over the year and to acknowledge their achievements. Sometimes it can be difficult for students to see an improvement in themselves. Through these rehearsals, they will eventually notice that they have progressed tremendously from their first class to the end of the year.

As a result, the Drama and Acting classes at The Helen O’Grady Academy in Singapore are unrivaled in their ability to assist students in improving their self-esteem and sense of individuality.

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