WHO says since the Russian invasion, 64 hospitals attacked Ukraine

UN agency condemns attacks and notes attacks on health skills are a violation; of international law in strongest doable spans.

The World Health Organisation expresses it has confirmed some 64 attacks on health care facilities since Russia began its invasion a month ago in Ukraine.

The WHO said in a statement the approved invasions took place between February 24 and March 21 each day, killing at least 15 people at a rate of between two and three.

Attacks on health care are a; breach of international humanitarian statute, but a disturbingly familiar tactic of war that they eliminate; critical infrastructure they destroy hope, stated Dr. Jarno Habicht but more sinister, in Ukraine, the WHO representative. They divest already helpless people of care that is often the distinction between vitality and extinction. Health maintenance is not and should never be a prey.”

Ukraine has blamed Russia for bombing infirmaries and health talents including a children’s and motherhood hospital in the surrounded city of Mariupol in what one municipality officers called a war offense without reason.

Nearly four million people have been thrust in the face of the Russian advance, according to the UN to flee the country, with Ukraine putting up fierce resistance. Municipalities, comprising Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Mariupol, have come beneath baritone aerial storms with people propelled into underground caves for protection.

The United States stated it had determined that Russia had achieved war crimes On Wednesday, singling out the bombardment of Mariupol in Ukraine, and the invasion on the motherhood infirmary. More details

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