Why Choose Breathable Mosquito Net Material

Breathing inside a mosquito net that emits radiation owing to the unbreathable synthetic material used for making it is a tough challenge in summer. That is why people strive toward choosing the breathable natural material when it comes to buying a mosquito net. Though the duration and cost both are not in favor of customers for breathable mosquito nets still they are better than the nylon nets we used to have earlier. Here are four major reasons why you should opt for breathable organic mosquito nets or nylon nets.

To stay protected from radiation emitted by nylon mosquito nets

This is a fact accepted universally that mosquito net for bed made up of nylon emit radiation and a person sleeping inside such an atmosphere gets irritated and harmed by these rays. More in summer seasons these rays even get worst and make the room too hot to sleep for humans. That is why it is much better to choose breathable material of mosquito nets which will keep you comfortable through the night. Otherwise using chemical mosquito repellants could be a better way to stay away from mosquitos than mosquito nets.

Using an unbreathable mosquito net in summer brings humidity

No matter whether you are using a mosquito net for a single bed or double bed the problem with a nylon net will remain the same in both scenarios. That is why people opt for cotton or organic material mosquito nets for their beds. If you are getting trouble and improper sleep at night due to the heat emitted by the nylon mosquito nets then what is the purpose of switching to organic ways of getting rid of mosquitos. So always push yourself to choose a material for mosquito nets that do not emit radiation at all. This is the sole reason why people do not rely on traditional nylon nets as they are not easy to use in summers.

People get suffocation with unbreathable synthetic mosquito nets

Some people have suffocation with these unbreathable nets used as pest repellents. Even baby mosquito nets with nylon stuff are also ignored by these people. Though you are not going to suffocate in reality yes if this psychological phobia is in you with the rays of the synthetic mosquito nets you should not buy them. It can leave you faint for some time owing to the reason a heat and humid environment is created by the nylon nets though not make faint really but some people cannot withstand it and faint in reality.

Unbreathable mosquito nets are not good for the health

Apart from the above, you will find that unbreathable mosquito nets are unhealthy for your health as well. If subjected to the same atmosphere for too long then it can create harmful impacts on your body also. So make sure that you are buying breathable cotton nets whether it is a mosquito net bed for a baby or a double bed mosquito net.

The mosquito net price in India varies with the type and stuff you are choosing and you can get the best mosquito nets with breathable stuff at basics 21 easily. The majority of the sellers are selling nylon nets today and it is difficult to find those cotton nets in the market as well. Under such a scenario basic, 21 serves as the one-stop solution for all sorts of mosquito nets in all sizes and shapes as well. So you just have to choose the one that fits your need and that is too at a very genuine cost as compared to the market price.

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