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Why Is Mattress Size Important?

Did you know that a couple sharing a queen-size mattress has less room per person than a youngster sleeping on a single bed?

We all understand the need for personal space at night, but mattress size is sometimes disregarded when it comes to having a good night’s sleep. Size counts when it comes to the best queen mattresses. While sleeping close to your spouse is crucial, you also need enough space to settle into a deep, peaceful slumber – so you can wake up feeling invigorated and ready for the day ahead.

What Is The Significance Of Mattress Size?

Having enough room is critical for getting enough rest. We require space at night to assist regulate our body temperature, which has an impact on our circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. While snuggling with your lover is enjoyable, if we don’t have enough space, we might overheat, preventing us from falling asleep. As a result, it’s critical to have a mattress large enough for two people to have enough room.

Furthermore, a mattress with ample room helps reduce nighttime disruption from couples tossing and turning.

Which Of The Many Mattress Sizes Is Best For Me?

Consider the following while deciding between mattress sizes:

  • Who is sleeping in the bed
  • Your and your partner’s height and weight
  • The size of your bedroom
  • The position you usually sleep in


The single mattress dimensions are 92cm x 188cm, making it the smallest mattress offered. This is perfect for tiny children but is too small for most adults. Adults with the limited room who want a tiny mattress can choose a king single.

Single King

A king single is a terrific option for teens, as well as if you want to provide your youngster additional sleeping space. The dimensions of a king single mattress are 107cm x 203cm, which is the length of a queen mattress. Given how quickly teens may grow taller (sometimes unexpectedly), a king single bed is an excellent choice.


Double mattresses are a terrific alternative to single mattresses and are quickly becoming a popular option for teens and children. The length of a double mattress is the same as that of a single, but it is 46cm wider, measuring 138cm broad x 188cm in total.


The most common mattress size, and a popular choice for couples and guest rooms. Queen-size beds are 153cm x 204cm and are suitable for most modern bedrooms.

Because queen-size beds are the most prevalent beds in homes, these measurements may surprise people. Probably, the lack of personal space that comes with sleeping on a queen mattress is contributing to many people’s restless, disturbed sleep.

This takes us to another option: the king mattress!


While king beds were formerly considered a luxury item, they are currently the fastest-growing mattress option for couples. We recommend king-size mattresses for couples since they give enough space for both spouses to have a good night’s sleep.

This is because each partner gets the same amount of room as if they had a single bed. The breadth of a king-size bed is 183cm, making it much bigger than a queen. This allows each partner to stretch out and be comfortable, reducing partner disruption and boosting the odds of maintaining an appropriate body temperature for a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

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