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Workplace Mental Health Prioritization

Employee burnout is on the rise. This means that it’s more important to maintain a work-life balance as well as protect one’s mental health.

Social media has made mental health more prominent than ever. It should be easier to speak to your supervisor about any challenges you are having, the accommodations you require for treatment or just for some time off.

It can be difficult to have that conversation with your employer. It’s not something anyone wants to do. They end up feeling like they are putting their reputation and career at risk.

Here are some reminders of how you can reduce stress and increase productivity.

Know your rights to mental health accommodations

To ensure that everyone succeeds at work, there are laws to protect the rights and dignity of people with mental health issues.

You should consult a specialized employment lawyer like Ertl Lawyers if you have any questions about the rights of your employer to provide mental health accommodations. They are experts in helping you understand your rights at work.

Respected employment lawyers are able to advise you about your rights regarding workplace mental health accommodations. They can also identify potential claims against your employer. For your security, make sure you find a lawyer that offers free, comprehensive consultations.

Do not hesitate to seek out mental health support in your local area if you feel overwhelmed.

Be open to limiting the work you do

Many people struggled to say no to work even before COVID-19. Employees often take on more responsibility because they want to impress others and show their value.

You may feel that refusing more work can be taken as a sign of inability to handle it, or even laziness. If you feel that it is impossible to say “no”, there are many ways you can show you are at your best.

If you are asked to assist with a project, let your supervisor know. You can also ask your supervisor for time to look over your schedule and workload to determine a priority. Your manager might be able to take the more important tasks off of your plate if they see your calendar. Your manager will likely be able to see your calendar better and have a greater appreciation for your contribution. If you have to decline new tasks, your supervisor will be able to see where you are coming from.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Remote workers often find it difficult to distinguish between work and relaxation. It can be difficult to schedule your workday and make time for breaks.

Not only is it better for you, but also for your employer. Research has shown that frequent breaks increase productivity. No matter where you work or what your job entails, having the right attitude towards taking breaks can help improve your performance and mental well-being.

In India, approximately 5.8 million people are affected each year by one or the other form of ailments. In simpler statistics, 1 out of every 4 individuals is at the risk of contracting an illness. Some of these ailments can be severe and incur huge costs with prolonged treatments. While one cannot compromise on the medical needs of the family, it can sometimes lead to huge debts thereby leading to mental stress.

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