A Comprehensive Glossary of the Services Offered by PEO Providers in India

If you are into business and marketing, you must have heard about PEO. PEO is the abbreviated form for professional employer organizations. Many people prefer to refer to them as co-employment, HR outsourcing, and so on. This third-party organisation generally helps employers in several ways. They manage the human resources, payroll of the employees, benefits administration, workers’ compensation, etc. in a cost-effective way. Though it’s been more than 30 years, the professional employer organisation industry is as thriving as ever. Millions of business enthusiasts are coming to these global PEO companies for their excellent business support.

If you decide to collaborate with a PEO, it does not mean you are going to lose control over your company. In other words, the PEO service providers in India will help the clients make informed decisions. For business expansion, every business professional needs to hire a PEO.

What are the services provided by the PEO companies?

The PEO service providers will help the companies in several ways. Let’s take a look at their services.

  • PEO service providers generally handle all types of HR-related work. You will see the PEO team engaged in payroll processing, risk management, HR compliance, benefits administration, employment tax, attendance management, and so on.
  • These PEO service providers are generally responsible for hiring suitable candidates for the company. According to the requirements of the client’s business, the PEO service providers onboard potential employees. Apart from this, they take care of all the other talent management tasks. They arrange for the training of these newly hired candidates as well. The PEO team will also help you with the reduction of employee turnover as well.
  • When it comes to HR compliance, the professional employer organisation team helps a lot. They will assist the company with requirements regarding payroll tax law and reporting. The PEO team also tries to reduce the liability for wage payments. 
  • This third-party organisation is going to be quite helpful for you if you have business expansion in mind. This organisation will help your business emerge as a more attractive one. They will assist the company in the decision-making process for the core business as well. Finally, they facilitate the company’s stepping foot into the international market.

With all these services, the professional employer organisation team, of course, saves you some of your valuable time. You can invest this time in focusing on the growth of your business and managing the core business operations. 

There are a few misconceptions about global PEO companies. People often think that professional employer organisations take control of the business and supply labour to the sites. But that is not the case. They also don’t make any decisions regarding the employment, termination, or recruitment of any employee. In simple words, professional employer organizations, or PEO, just assist the company in the management of all the employment-related tasks. So, it is suggested that every business organization, irrespective of their industry, should turn to a global PEO company for their excellent PEO services at an affordable rate.

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