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This article is about the appointment of Francesco Chibicchiere as the new CEO of Cellebrite.

Cellebrite, a global leader in digital forensics solutions, today announced the appointment of Francesco Chibicchiere as its new CEO, effective immediately. signal ceo cellebritefranceschibicchieraivice

Signal CEO Francesco Hibicchiera is stepping down from his role as CEO and will be replaced by Cellebrite vice president Shlomi Bagad. The move comes as Signal continues to face criticism over its handling of user data. signal ceo cellebritefranceschibicchieraivice

Hibicchiera will remain on Signal’s board of directors and will continue to advise the company on strategy. Bagad, who has been with Cellebrite for 11 years, will take over as CEO immediately. signal ceo cellebritefranceschibicchieraivice

In recent years, the rise of digital forensics has brought law enforcement agencies and private companies alike to new heights in their ability to extract data from electronic devices. One company leading the charge is Cellebrite, whose CEO, Francesco Chibici, was recently interviewed by Forbes about the state of the digital forensics industry. In the interview, Chibici discusses the company’s history, its products, and its plans for the future.

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