The Benefits of using live video on Instagram

Instagram Live has elevated marketing on social media to the highest level. It has allowed brands to communicate directly with their customers and increase engagement. The advantages of using Instagram live video for taking your company to the next step.

Instagram users can stream live videos on Instagram Live, which is an integral part of Instagram Stories. When you scroll through Instagram you may see circles that appear at high-up in your feed. These are your followers’ Instagram stories. Live broadcasts are live and an icon for live broadcasts will show in the lower part of your circle.

According to a recent study 88% of the population prefer to watch a live stream rather than reading a blog. Eighty-two percent prefer watching the live stream of an organization instead of an online post. Many businesses have figured out how to utilize this advantage. Now, they are employing digital marketing firms to develop appealing social media platforms to increase branding awareness, boost the loyalty of their customers and boost the ROI. You can use Buying Followers Nigeria service to increase your audience. Read More on the service here.

Find out the advantages of Instagram live videos to propel your enterprise to the next stage

Large visibility

Every time you post live on Instagram the video will appear in the feeds of your followers. While it’ll be displayed in the same row with Instagram Stories, the former will be more prominent. Instagram Story, the former is noticeable because it appears first and is more difficult to miss. It’s more noticeable than the second. Instagram Live videos give you a greater possibility of getting more views as they are able to differentiate them from the stories. Additionally at the top of the feed, your company’s page’s profile picture will be marked LIVE, which will help people follow you on a regular basis and view your posts.

On the Explore page, your fans are able to search for live videos. This helps increase your reach and your search ability.

Make an announcement

If you’re looking to showcase the launch of a new product, introduce one or make an important announcement then the Instagram Live video will come useful. It allows you to draw attention of people and make the whole process enjoyable and engaging. This is where you can demonstrate your goals in the same way that you engage on a regular basis with the followers. To keep them interested, try offering freebies and discounts. You can also organize competitions in which participants can be part of the competition and win prizes in real-time.

To increase trust, comprehend and connect with your intended group, you might look into Q&As. This will enable your customers to ask questions and you can respond in real-time. It is also a chance to share information on your company and allow them to engage on a personal level.

It is also possible to use Instagram Live to feature the Behind the Scenes. Use this platform to guide your followers on the inside of your business or demonstrate how you make or design your product, and introduce your office staff, team members and other areas, and so on.

The authenticity of the content

In reality, photos and videos that are full of touch-ups, alterations, and filters aren’t in the style. This is due to the fact that customers want authentic, raw, and authentic content. Transparency is a way to keep your visitors on your site which can be converted into sales. To accomplish this, you can make use of Instagram Live videos to allow viewers to view your product in its entirety and clearly. It is important for them to know how to utilize the product and the outcomes. Remember that seeing is believing. This can lead to more customers to your store.

Work with other businesses

If you are looking to work with other companies without a huge cost, Instagram Live is the method to go. You can make use of these live video clips to advertise your coworker’s business. In return, you’ll draw in some of their followers, and the reverse is true. The best part is that this doesn’t need to be conducted in the person. All you need to do is arrange the time for live streaming with each other.

Final thoughts

The benefits of Live Videos on Instagram are incomparable. To make sure you don’t lose out on any it is important to think about the similar. Be sure the message you send is concise, and you’re accessible, and you’ll begin reaping the rewards. Good luck!

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