The Complete Guide To Samsung Switch For PC

Nowadays people are busy switching their old phones to new ones. And they are willing to search the software for transferring their valuables data files. Therefore they need a trusted, easiest, and fastest data migration software tool. For all complete solutions, you come to the one-stop place. Okay. It is Samsung Switch for pc which is an amazing data migration tool for new users. Through our article, you can get a wide range of knowledge about smart switch windows.

About Samsung Switch for PC

Samsung smart switch for pc is an amazing software that helps in transferring your priceless data files to your new Samsung Galaxy smart mobile device from the old data of the old device via the Windows pc. You can transfer your data as calendar, call logs, message boxes, contacts, ringing tones, alarm clocks, etc very fastly in milliseconds time period. So if you wish to buy a new Samsung Galaxy smart device and need to get your old device data to your new galaxy smart device through the Windows pc definitely you have to use a Samsung switch for pc that gives the fastest service in importing the data files.

And also if you are using Windows 64-bit operating system pc you can run with the smart switch 64-bit software.

Why do we use Samsung Switch for PC rather than other transferring tools?

Once you use the Samsung Smart Switch for pc you will get a major experience than you because it is a wonderful tool for migrating files in the online market nowadays. It is very much easy to use for everyone because it has a simple user interface. Samsung Switch for pc software can be used by newbies so need any previous knowledge about learning the transferring tool. You do not have to download long steps other than other transferring tools.

Another important fact is Samsung Smart Switch software is the one-click transferring tool that helps you in sending data to your new Samsung Galaxy device of the old data of the old smart device via the windows pc. Another point I want to highlight is, that the software is totally freeware that everyone can get without the payments on the websites. Other than you can use android os or iOS devices as the old device to your new Samsung Galaxy device, it means the data transfer is not dependent on the old Samsung galaxy smart device to the new Samsung Galaxy device. So considering these facts you can imagine how valuable is this data transferring tool software?

Requirements of Samsung Switch for pc

  • Your new Samsung Galaxy device with the Android operating system will be 4.3 or upper
  • Your old Android operating system device also will be 4.3 or higher
  • Your iOS device will be 4.0 or higher
  • Windows operating system must be Windows XP or higher
  • Your PC’s central processor unit should be Pentium 4;2.4 GHz or upper
  • The RAM capacity will be 1 GB or higher
  • The screen resolution should be 1024 x 768(600),32 bit or higher
  • You should keep an antivirus guard on your pc 
  • You must keep a proper USB cable

The latest version of the Samsung Switch for PC

  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21093.6 – Latest version
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21075.3
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21063.7
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21034.7
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21023.2
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.21013.13
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.20113.5
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.20072_4
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.20013_2
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.19071_4
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.18124_4
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.18091_6
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.18052_28
  • Smart switch pc 4.2.18034_11

Capable Windows OS of the Samsung smart switch software

Here the tool helps in transferring the files such as documents, alarms, messages, ringing tones, wallpapers, etc data of old devices via the windows pc. So you must know the version of the capability windows os personal computer or laptops.

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP 
  • Windows vista

The contents that we can transfer via the Samsung Switch for pc

  • Alarm
  • Documents
  • Wallpapers
  • Call logs
  • Home screen and lock screen
  • Emails
  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • S notes in Samsung galaxy phones

Features of the Samsung Switch for pc

  • Samsung Smart Windows is the freeware software for the new Samsung Galaxy users
  • The transferring tool does not depend only on transferring Samsung Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy device
  • Very much easy to use. so a newbie can use it without the technological knowledge
  • The Smart Switch for pc is designed with a user-friendly interface. So you can use it without the irritation mode  
  • The transferring tool software is compatible with all windows operating systems pc and laptops
  • It is supported on all versions. selecting the new versions is best
  • It has the ability to download with one clicking 
  • Samsung Smart Switch for pc is the 100% safe data transferring tool

How do I download Samsung Smart Switch to my pc?

  • First, you make all the requirements that you want to download the Samsung Smart Switch to pc transferring tool
  • Download and install the Samsung Smart Switch transferring tool from the trusted websites or our official website
  • Read the instructions carefully and accept the terms and policies
  • Connect the personal computer or laptop with the USB cable to your old device
  • Take the full backup data of your device and click on the “back up” items
  • Once it is completed click on the done button and confirms it
  • Remove the old device from the pc
  • Now connect your new Samsung Galaxy smart mobile device with the windows OS computer or laptop via the same USB cable
  • Select “different backup” then backup to restore
  • Click on the “ok” button to allow permissions
  • Finally, you can get the successful data transaction to your new Galaxy device

Carrying the Samsung Smart Switch for pc is the advanced transferring tool that helps in transferring the alarm, calendar, wallpaper, home screen, lock screen, etc whatever you want. So turn your mind to this transferring tool for the complete transaction with the files.

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