Things to know when buying an e-bike

It is also necessary to comply with the legal provisions and regulations relating to e-bikes. If you use a motor on your e-bike that has an average output of more than 250 watts, an insurance label must be attached. At the same time, the regulations for mopeds and scooters apply to these so-called S-Pedelecs. That is why the motor performance must also be the focus of an e-bike test. In the best case, a comparison is made with a uniform motor performance, since different ranges can result even here due to the different batteries.

At this point we would like to briefly go into the insurance obligation again, as this can also play a role in the purchase decision. If you opt for a pedelec with a motor of up to 250 watts, you don’t need a driver’s license or insurance. In these vehicles, the engine switches off at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. They are legally equivalent to bicycles. That is why they are also the best sellers with a market share of around 98 percent in Germany.

If you opt for a motor between 250 and 500 watts, you definitely need insurance. If it is an e-bike moped, the speed is limited to 20 kilometers per hour. A moped driving license is also required. With the S-Pedelec, on the other hand, the motor switches off at a top speed of 45 km/h. At least one scooter driver’s license is required here in addition to insurance. The maximum speed of the e-bike should therefore not be underestimated when asked about the e-bikes in the test.

The area of ​​use influences the purchase of an e-bike

The area of ​​application of the e-bike is therefore decisive when it comes to choosing the motor. Basically, however, the question also arises as to which type of hybrid bike the decision is made. The focus here is not only on the decision as to whether it should be a test for e-bikes for men or an e-bike test for women. Rather, the focus is on the desired type of use. Accordingly, an e-bike test mountain bike differs enormously from a city e-bike test.

If the new companion is planned to be used in the city to drive to work every day, a different type of e-bike like G-Force C14 ebike is required than if it is used exclusively for trekking. The range of e-bikes is now diverse, from urban models to e-MTBs and trekking e-bikes to e-racing bikes. That’s why the e-bike test should first focus on the appropriate type of electric bike. Basically, there are e-bike tests in the divisions

City e-bikes
Trekking e-bikes
Speed ​​pedelecs
e-mountain bikes
e-road bikes
Transport e-bikes
Foldable e-bikes

The gears and the brakes

When looking at the individual components in the e-bike test, the gears and brakes also play an important role. When switching, you can choose between

  • derailleur
  • Hub gear or
  • automatic shift

possible. With this question about the e-bikes in the test, the focus is once again on the intended use of the pedelec. If you are looking for sporting challenges with an electric bike or if you often ride in mountainous terrain, you should opt for a derailleur system. Because the derailleur has the highest gear ratio. As a rule, more gears are available here than with a hub gear. The derailleur gears are mostly found in e-racing bikes, e-mountain bikes or also in trekking e-bikes and cheaper e-bikes in general.

Commuters who travel a lot in city traffic, on the other hand, are more likely to use an e-bike like G-Force C14 ebike with a hub gear. These are installed on the impeller hub and only require one chain ring. This circuit requires less maintenance than the derailleur circuit. In addition, even snowfall or falls are less of a problem than the derailleur. Because the hub gear is protected in the rear wheel hub. Changing gears is also more comfortable here. The hub gear is particularly suitable for flat routes with low demands. This circuit is therefore usually found in city e-bikes in particular.

On the other hand, if you are busy with a trekking e bike test, you will like to encounter a stepless hub gear. This does not consist of predefined gears. Instead, you can set the gear ratio according to your own preferences.

Last but not least, there are automatic gearshifts on the market for gearshifts for e-bikes. These switch automatically according to a previously defined cadence. Nevertheless, you can switch manually here at any time. The automatic gears are available both as derailleur gears and as umbilical gears.

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