Tips for Buying a New Car

Buying a 0 km car is the dream of many, but it is also one of the most expensive options when compared to buying a used car. Both options have pros and cons, however, there is a very positive aspect that only the purchase of a new vehicle provides: the guarantees. Today we will give you tips to buy new cars.

Many people don’t know what they mean or how they work. For this reason, we made this article to tell you what you need to know about the guarantees that you have at your disposal if you are on the way to buy your new car.

What are new cars?

They are generally late model vehicles that have never been used by anyone outside the dealership at faragomotors. On certain occasions you can find an older version, for example: we are in the month of June 2022 and under normal conditions you could already find the 2023 models at dealerships, however you can find 2022 models. This is where you should pay more attention and assess how much they differ from each other.

If I buy new cars, what guarantees do I have?

The main and best known is the legal guarantee that is protected by the Consumer Law. It is also known as the 3×3 Law.

What does it consist of? This law establishes that during the first three months after the purchase you can opt for a refund, repair or exchange of the product, as long as it has been defective, missing parts or is not suitable for normal use.

Of course, this law has some exceptions that you need to know, for example, change of mind by the after-sales customer or problems related to something other than factory faults are excluded from this guarantee. This means that the guarantee may be valid only in some specific cases.

Aspects to consider when buying new cars:

First of all, you should see if the manufacturer has any specific guarantees. Typically, when this is the case, these are extended for a year or more and also have free maintenance options.
It is very important that you have full knowledge of the warranty coverage, since, if you have any problem after the purchase and the warranty covers it, you can access it without problems, solved immediately.

Second, make sure that those who sell the vehicle offer you as much information as possible, especially that related to the efficiency of the car and other aspects to consider for its maintenance and care. Of course, it never hurts to do your own research, so you know exactly what you’re buying and what to expect from the vehicle.

Another important point to consider is to inform yourself about the technology that is available in the car. There are advances in the automotive market that generate another level of experience behind the wheel! So you can have a better experience in terms of security, performance and design.

Finally, quote your auto credit! There are many offers in the market, so do not stay with the first option or with what the car company offers you. Remember that the credit you request must be in accordance with your lifestyle and payment capabilities.

Now that you know what guarantees you have as a consumer when buying the car you want so much, take the step and take the keys!

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