What is Satellite Internet & What Are its Features

In the Satellite Internet, devices send data and information from one place to another place through air or space using infrared signals, microwave signals and broadcast radio signals. Satellite Internet is used where it is not possible to install cables  physically. Communication satellites space stations receive microwave signals from earth stations. It amplifies the signals and again retransmits them back to the earth station and then these signals are transmitted to your modem.

Communication satellite space station is approximately  22,300 miles above the earth. The data transfer speed of communication satellites is slower than cable internet.  The transmission rate of a communication satellite is up to 750 kbps to 100 Mbps. The monthly price of a satellite internet package is approximately up to $50 to $200 depending on the package you will subscribe to.  In the United States there are many best deal for internet available but most common are  Viasat and HughesNet.

Important features of satellite internet:

  • The satellite internet connection consists of a satellite space station, satellite dish, modem, and NIC.
  • The main advantage of satellite internet is it is easily available for those areas where physical cable cannot be established.
  • Satellite internet covers unlimited area no bound on country, region, city and town.
  •  Satellite internet is reliable for the people living in rural areas.
  • There are no installation charges for setup of the satellite internet.
  • Satellite internet does not depend on physical wires so its data transmission speed is slower than cable internet. 
  • Satellite internet faces some interference issues as extreme weather conditions, wind, rain and physical bounding like trees, mountains, buildings etc.
  • Satellite internet uses satellite dishes for two way communication so there is no need for telephone cable.
  • It is expensive as compared to cable internet because of the high price of satellite dish and modem. .
  • It provides a higher latency rate as compared to cable internet.
  • Satellite internet is mostly used for web browsing but not suitable for video streaming and online gaming.
  • Remember that Satellite internet packages often come with limited data usage.
  • The professionals are required for the setup and installation of satellite internet connection. 

What Are Best Satellite Internet Service Providers?

Internet service providers are the telecommunication companies that provide internet facilities or services for homes, offices, businesses and different organizations. When you want internet connections for your home you may select different types of data packages with different types of prices. When you want an internet connection for your home your location will mostly matter. Reliability of internet, availability of internet at different prices, different transmission speed and different packages are available where you live.

If there are a large number of users that are working from home it is necessary to have a high speed broadband internet connection. That’s why it is very important to know the available internet service providers in your area where you live. Our ranking of the best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of 2022 contains companies suggesting fiber, cable, digital subscriber line (DSL), satellite communication, and fixed internet services over the U.S.

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