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5 Things Parents Should Know About Marijuana E-Cigarettes

The vaping culture is gaining a lot of popularity which can be attributed to various gears in the market and increased demand for products. Depending on your preferences, you can now easily access e-cigarettes in different designs. For example, if you want a discrete vape gear, you can purchase small vape pens with the same wattage as their bigger counterparts.

The vape gears also have customizable features, including temperature, allowing you to reduce or increase the size of your vapor. 

The number of teens indulging in vaping is on the rise with the growth of social media and the vaping culture, making parents worried, especially since they do not know enough about it. Here are a few things they should know about marijuana e-cigarettes;

  1. Vape pens are easy to acquire

Although the law states that it is illegal for people under the age of 18 to acquire e-cigarettes, there are many tactics teens may use. For example, they may create a false identity and order the device online. Kids also have a lot of exposure which makes it easy for them to know how to browse through the site. 

Notably, some stores do discrete delivery and would not ask questions regarding the client’s age. As long as they sign the form that they have received the package, there is no other requirement. Therefore, parents should always investigate what products are delivered to their houses. 

  1. Using a Vape Pen to Inhale Pot Intensifies the User’s High

There are different methods an individual can use to get high quickly; some include looking for more concentrated vape liquids. Teens usually prefer using CBD oil which is highly focused compared to the dry marijuana leaves. 

The vape juice comes in different flavors, which they can select. Notably, today’s pot is much more effective than in other years since there is more THC concentration. By vaping, you will feel more potent drug effects, which may lead to dependency and an increased risk of addiction if you don’t check your vaping behavior.

  1. It may not be easy to identify some vape gears

Since some vape gears come in tiny sizes, it may be difficult to trace where your child is hiding them. In some cases, the gear may look like a USB memory stick or a stylus making it easy to conceal. Your child may also find a way to sneak it to school or other outside places due to its similar appearance to other stationery.

It is also challenging to know if they are getting high because the vape gear does not produce smoke and has no odor. It will help if parents try to familiarize themselves with the different vape pens available to avoid confusion.

  1. Vaping Marijuana can lead to health problems

Although you can get plenty of benefits from marijuana, it also has some side effects. Some may be long-term, while others short term. For example, you may experience short-term memory loss only a few hours after the side effects kick in. You may also have a decreased sperm count, which often affects individuals who use the product regularly. 

Other common effects include lung damage, which may be fatal, especially if you have a chronic pre-existing condition that affects your body’s immune system. If you find out your child has marijuana addiction, it will be best to seek the necessary treatments to curb the withdrawal symptoms. You can check them into a rehabilitation facility where they will try to eliminate the dependency, which may cause withdrawal symptoms. Notably, rehabilitation is not an assurance that your child will not use the drug again; hence, you must take the necessary caution.

  1. There are signs of vaping marijuana

If you are a parent wondering how you will know whether your kid is vaping marijuana, you will be amazed to know that there is an easy method to identify it. After smoking marijuana, the effects are not only physiological but can also be identified physically. 

Some of the symptoms include nosebleeds which can occur frequently. Besides, you may also experience red eyes and an increased appetite. Individuals may also need to isolate themselves from a group of people and want to stay alone. 

Keen parents can quickly identify the signs by monitoring their kid’s purchases closely and limiting their funds. Since it is impossible to monitor your child every moment, you can try to look out for the red flags in their behavior each moment you are around them. 


Teenage vaping is likely to increase if states do not take the necessary steps to prohibit them from accessing vaping products.  The good news is, as a parent, there is a lot you can do to ensure your kid does not indulge in vaping. 

For example, you can advise them on the adverse effects of underage vaping and champion for them to wait until they turn the legal age to try out. You can also counsel them to choose their friends wisely so they do not get tempted to indulge in harmful activities. 

Grounding your child after finding them vaping is no assurance that they would not repeat the same mistake, but if you tell them why it is a bad idea, they may try avoiding it.

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