Yoga for kids: Fun, stress-busting story time

Parents know that it’s important to teach their kids good habits when it comes to healthy living. Exercise, eating right, and getting plenty of sleep are essential parts of any kid’s routine, but introducing them to new activities at a young age is also beneficial in many ways. Yoga may be one of the most relaxing and exciting ways to get your children interested in healthy living! It can also help with stress relief and concentration skills, as well as flexibility and balance. Make sure your child gets plenty of yoga time with these fun yoga story time ideas!

Yoga Storytime at my studio

Yoga can be a wonderful option for getting children involved in movement and exercise. As parents and teachers we know how hard it is to get children to sit still long enough to read a book. Now imagine your child’s reaction if they came into class and saw their favourite book Mary had a little yogi come to life! I remember being excited as I was introduced by A Yoga Storyteller at my first yoga class.

All about Yoga storytime books

I’ve got one just right for your child! One of my favorite books to recommend is Yoga Bunny. In it, we follow little Yoga Bunny as she struggles to be able to get ready in time to go on her morning yoga class. She can’t sit still while she ties her shoes, she can’t stay calm while she makes breakfast and when she has trouble getting a few poses right in class with other children.

Why reading yoga stories is a must-do activity

Your kid might have picked up yoga books or even started reading them. But not many children are aware of how much fun they can be and what benefits they bring to your child’s life. Most importantly, reading these stories with your child is an excellent way to spend quality time together. Besides making you both happy and close, it will also teach your child a lot about yoga in a creative manner so that he/she learns about its importance and benefits at an early age.

Benefits of reading yoga stories with children

There are many ways to connect with your child, whether it’s sharing a meal together or spending quality time reading a book together. Studies have shown that even if you don’t feel like you have any downtime in your schedule, it’s worth carving out some alone time with your children just to enjoy their presence.

Tips for parents

Kids love to move around – they especially love anything that incorporates movement into a fun activity. Yoga is a great way to introduce your child to exercise in a fun and engaging way. Not only will it get your kid moving, but yoga also provides tons of mental benefits including better concentration and focus. If you’re looking for activities to help your child relax, relieve some stress and de-stress before bedtime read on!

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